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Krause Left Off Squad, Barclay Kept

The Cleveland Browns named their eight-man practice squad on Monday, with two new names brought to the organization: TE Jonny Harline and DB Tim Mixon. Here is the full practice squad:

  • RB Chris Barclay
  • WR Steve Sanders
  • WR Syndric Steptoe
  • TE Jonny Harline
  • OL Cliff Louis
  • DL Chase Pittman
  • DL Melila Purcell
  • DB Tim Mixon
This means that all of the Browns second-day draft picks from this season have made the team in some form. Defensive back Brandon McDonald was the only second-day pick to make the team's 53-man roster. It is worth noting that cornerback DeMario Minter was not brought back, meaning the team has basically given up on him.

Between everybody on the list, I was most pleased about being able to keep Barclay, for obvious reasons. I felt that Sanders was capable of making the practice squad due to his ability shown throughout training camp, but I did not believe we would keep two receivers. Pittman and Purcell were basically locks all along. I was surprised that neither Fred Matua or Babatunde Oshinowo made the list.

As far as the new guys go, here is a little history on each of them. Harline is 6-4, 245 pounds and was an undrafted rookie who spent training camp with the Indianapolis Colts. Mixon is 5-9, 184 pounds and was an undrafted rookie free agent who spent training camp with the Chicago Bears. Mixon also has plenty of experience returning punts.

I'm sorry to see Ryan Krause leave, especially since he was signed to the Green Bay Packers practice squad. I guess he was eligible after all.

Now, for some more team news announced by Romeo Crennel today:

  1. Frye's the Guy: As if we didn't expect it, Crennel firmly stated that Charle Frye will start at quarterback this Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers. In terms of who will be listed second on the depth chart, Crennel said that everyone would have to wait until an hour before the game, when teams are forced to submit depth charts to the league.
  2. Safety Depth: Since safety Justin Hamilton was released, Crennel stated that DB Gary Baxter would be considered the team's fourth safety. In terms of why Hamilton was released, Crennel stated that since he was going to be injured for about a month, they felt it was necessary to do for the time being. I would assume that this means Hamilton may be brought back once he recovers.
  3. Third Receiver: He didn't really receive glowing reports, but Crennel stated that Tim Carter would be lined up to start off the game whenever the offense goes to a three-receiver set.
  4. Who's Healthy?: With all of the injuries people sustained throughout the preseason, little is known as far as who will play or start this week against the Steelers. We do know that LG Eric Steinbach, LB Andra Davis, DE Orpheus Roye, RT Kevin Shaffer, and FB Lawrence Vickers would at least partially practice today. Getting at least half of those guys back on gameday will be critical, particularly Steinbach and Shaffer.
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