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Dropcutt in the Postseason: Part II

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Sequels usually occur several years apart from each other.

If you've followed the site for more than a year, then you'll know that I was always a fan of Dennis Northcutt and was sorry to see him go. I didn't feel he was a starting receiver, but I thought he was a capable slot receiver. He's playing in the postseason this year with the Jacksonville Jaguars, and I know for a fact that a lot of Browns fans have been paying close attention every time the ball comes his way to see if he would drop another critical pass in the postseason. It didn't happen last week against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but it just happened in the third quarter against the New England Patriots.

The Patriots have looked unstoppable on offense again, but the Jaguars were keeping pace through near-perfection football. Down 21-14 and facing a 3rd-and-11 from 21 yards away from the end zone, Jaguars quarterback David Garrard had a heavy blitz coming at him. He stood firm in the pocket though and delivered a beautiful throw over the middle to Northcutt. I'll let the pictures describe what happened:

The Jaguars kicked a field goal, and the Patriots quickly marched down the field to score a touchdown for their first two-possession lead of the game. The game is far from over as of this posting, but when you have a 16-0 Patriots team, Northcutt's drop has to be as painful for the Jaguars fans as it was for Browns fans several years ago.

I guess some things never change.

Update [2008-1-12 22:56:34 by ChrisPokorny]: In the fourth quarter, Northcutt attempted a straight-to-DVD Part III:
To Northcutt's credit, he did make a nice catch and run on the following fourth-down play. Still, the Jaguars lost the game.