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We Want Answers! (And SBN 2.0)

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I think we're all a little tired from seeing Dennis Northcutt's drops last week by now. My apologies for my one week absence, as I was taking care of several important things that go along with the start of a semester. If there had been a ground-breaking story during the week regarding the Browns, I surely would have touched on it though. Instead, the only things circulating the wire were rumors related to one of two things:

  1. When are the Browns going to give Romeo Crennel a contract extension?
  2. Is Derek Anderson going to be signed to a long term deal soon?
I've heard so many things from so many different sources that it's almost not even worth discussing anymore -- it's better to just wait until the Browns front office announces a final decision. There was one noteworthy thing I missed though, and that was that quarterbacks coach Rip Scherer will remain with the Browns, according to the OBR. Scherer was a candidate to be UCLA's offensive coordinator. After seeing the progress that Derek Anderson made overall last season, going from a backup hopeful to a 1st- and 3rd-round trade bait, losing Scherer certainly could've hurt.

Now, there's one more thing I'd like to forewarn everyone about: SportsBlogs Nation 2.0. For many months now, the hard working people behind-the-scenes at SBN have been working on taking the network a step further. I don't have an exact timetable for everyone, but as each day goes by, we are getting closer to continuing the revolution of sports blogging. I've already had an opportunity to play with a beta version of the new site layout and composition features, and I think there are a lot of new features that will please people, yet still keep the simplicity that makes coming to sites like Dawgs By Nature and Let's Go Tribe worthwhile.