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Cowboy Connection & Michael Turner

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What is it with all of these connections between the Browns and the Cowboys?

The Cowboys hired former Browns defensive coordinator Todd Grantham on Thursday, reports the organization. Grantham was let go from his contract by the Browns a few weeks ago and replaced with defensive backs coach Mel Tucker. Grantham will serve as the Cowboys' defensive line coach -- the same position he held with the Houston Texans prior to coming to Cleveland.

Didn't Houston's defensive line get better when Grantham left?
Didn't the Browns' defensive line get worse when Grantham arrived?

Of course there are a lot of other things left to be considered in those two questions (the Texans spent two No. 1 draft picks on defensive linemen / the Browns switched to a 3-4 system with washed-up veterans), but it's thought provoking to mention when nothing but tumbleweeds are floating across the wire.

I'm sure a lot of you tuned in to see the AFC/NFC Championship games this past Sunday. One person that we got a real good look at is Michael Turner. There have been rumors in the past that the Browns had an interest in him, and with LaDainian Tomlinson missing two playoff games just about, Turner did an "ok" job when you consider he was up against some of the league's toughest opponents. He ran for 164 yards on 43 carries (3.8 average) in three games.

I think we could end up getting a better long-term solution by signing Jamal Lewis to another one-year deal, and then selecting a running back in the first or second-round of the 2009 draft. We'll have the money to commit to Lewis for one more season, while Turner would require a much longer commitment. And, quite frankly, we don't know if Turner will be a bust as a starting running back. I think one could make a case that Turner could turn out to be the next Chester Taylor in terms of production. Considering the combination of Taylor/Adrian Peterson (the young draftee) did so well, why should the Browns not follow Minnesota's approach?

Because the Vikings didn't have a huge problem defensively, particularly on the defensive line - that's why. The Browns need to do what's necessary to free as much money up for a free agent defensive lineman in the offseason. I would say that we should scout defensive linemen well for our second round draft pick, but I think Gerard Warren and Courtney Brown have put a little bit of a scar on my hopes.