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Pontbriand Named to Pro Bowl

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Chalk up another player added to the Pro Bowl. Browns long snapper Ryan Pontbriand was named to the Pro Bowl Monday as the AFC's "need" player (as voted upon by the coaching staff for the AFC).

Snapping the football beautifully for Phil Dawson's career-high 120 points, and for a combination of three different punters, helped highlight another consistent season for Pontbriand.

"I'm thrilled," said Pontbriand, a five-year veteran. "Making the Pro Bowl is a goal I was always hoping for but never thought I'd see this earlier in my career."

Pontbriand joins the current Browns in the Pro Bowl: Joshua Cribbs, Braylon Edwards, and Joe Thomas. Who would've thought that after going so long without a Pro Bowler, we'd suddenly have four in one season (and not make the postseason)? That number could increase to five still, because Antonio Gates' status for the event is still yet to be determined. If Gates is shelved, all signs point to Kellen Winslow, injured or not, being named as his replacement.