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Crennel's Tenure Extended Two Years

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During/After Week 1's Meltdown Against the Pittsburgh Steelers:

"Crennel looked like he wanted to quit his job. In fact, He may need to be fired before the week two." -DaytonDogg
"As much as I can see the value in stability, I don't think Crennel is the one to provide it." -Casey Jones
"F*** continuity, if I'm Randy Lerner I call up Phil Savage after the game and tell him, I want Crennel's resignation letter on my desk tomorrow morning. And if he doesn't resign, Phil, you're both fired." -mrich
"Savage has seen what we all have seen yet he refuses to pull the plug on this likeable yet wholly inadequate coach. Now we are into another year with no leadership on the horizon & a dismal frustrating season awaiting us." -Terry O

My Statement Following the Game:

Romeo Crennel needs to make a decision not only to save his job, but to save this team's chances of contending this season. Whether or not we're bound to make the playoffs isn't the point - if you don't play people that give you the best chance of winning as soon as possible, then you're literally throwing the season away.


Coach Romeo Crennel signed a two-year contract extension Tuesday with the Cleveland Browns, his reward for helping turn around a franchise in disarray for most of the past decade. The 60-year-old Crennel still had two years remaining on the five-year deal he signed in 2005. The extension, believed to be worth about $4 million per season, takes Crennel through the 2011 season.

"We're pleased to get this two-year extension done with Romeo," Browns general manager Phil Savage said in a statement. "Romeo has proven that he can be a winning NFL head coach, and he has the respect of the players and of the entire organization."

Crennel is extremely popular with Cleveland's players, who awarded him a game ball following a season-ending win over San Francisco.

What a difference, eh? Don't get the wrong idea if I quoted you in the first section -- by no means am I mocking what you said. I thought it'd be important to highlight just how much of a surprise this entire season was. Crennel didn't build a very convincing team over his first two seasons, and the start to the third season seemed like nothing more than another setback. Fifteen games later, Crennel earned himself a two-year extension. The person Crennel should credit for that extension? Derek Anderson.

When you have a quarterback that plays well in the system that is in place, the sky is the height. And, you can't say that any quarterback in the league could've done just as well as Anderson did with talent like Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow, because Charlie Frye literally was a deer in the headlights when he took the field. Even last season when Frye played, some blame can be placed on him for not elevating Edwards and Winslow to the maximum potential as a duo.

It was unheard of to cut your starting quarterback after just one game. Similar to Jack Del Rio's decision to cut starting quarterback Byron Leftwich right before the start of the season though, Crennel's decision paid off by Anderson throwing five touchdowns in his first game against the Cincinnati Bengals. If Anderson had had a mediocre game and we had lost, I'm sure the process to play Brady Quinn would have been accelerated to around the bye week. Although we had high expectations for Quinn to step in if needed, the truth is that it's rare these days that a rookie quarterback can lead a winning football team. And, a losing season for Crennel surely would've sent him packing.

Will Crennel and the Browns repay Anderson by giving him an extension next? Anderson rewarded Crennel; it's time for Crennel (or the front office) to reward Anderson.