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Browns Extend "Chud" Until 2011

Baltimore's interview with Rob Chudzinski? Denied.

Chudzinski signed a two-year contract extension today, announced the Browns. The extension will keep Chudzinski signed through the 2011 season. In the process, Chudzinski turned down the offer to interview for the Baltimore Ravens' head coaching vacancy. While Baltimore fans have speculated that Chudzinski had no serious chance of being hired, it's irrational to think that way after seeing what happened with the Pittsburgh Steelers last season. Everyone thought that either Russ Grimm or Ken Whisenhunt were a lock for the job before Mike Tomlin was brought over from the Minnesota Vikings.

"Romeo (Crennel) and I felt it was important to keep Rob (Chudzinski) in place as offensive coordinator to maintain our continuity on that side of the ball," said Browns Senior Vice President and General Manager, Phil Savage. "He did a terrific job this year and we're looking forward to what this group can accomplish next season."

Chudzinski also made a statement regarding the Ravens' offer:

"I would like to thank Ozzie Newsome and the Baltimore Ravens organization for considering me as a candidate for their head coaching position. However, at this time it was the best decision for me both personally and professionally to stay in Cleveland and continue the rebuilding process with the Browns," said Chudzinski. "I'm pleased with the progress we made as an offensive unit this season and I feel this team is headed in the right direction."

Over on the Orange and Brown Report and other Browns' message boards, I've seen Browns and Ravens fans go back and forth arguing on the entire situation. Some fans think that the Ravens only wanted to interview Chudzinski to pick his brain, some fans believe their is a secret plan to lock up Chudzinski and let go of Romeo in a year or two, and some fans think Chudzinski played both sides of the table to get a longer deal from the Browns and could very well struggle next year calling plays.

What's the right answer? It's a question that can't be answered until next season. One season could be a fluke. Two seasons prove you're doing something right. Ironically, the same exact philosophy should be taken with Derek Anderson next season, at least in my opinion.