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Browns Gaining Edge at the Right Time

Even with the terrific home victory over the New York Giants, the Cleveland Browns still need something that will give them an "edge" over the next couple of weeks. Even when this team has been at their best, they have tended to struggle on the road. On the road against the Washington Redskins this week, the Browns just might have that edge.

  • Redskins RB Clinton Portis (hip flexor) did not practice Wednesday or Thursday, and it doesn't look like he'll practice today either. At the moment, he is still expected to play, but he shouldn't be near 100%. Also, talented backup RB Ladell Betts is already out for the game. How huge would it be if newly-signed RB Shaun Alexander got the start? Assuming nothing has changed since last season, Alexander should be just as bad as William Green was.
  • The Redskins' secondary is hurting at the same time the Browns' passing attack looks to be on fire. Shawn Springs tweaked his calf muscle in Thursday's practice, and Fred Smoot is doubtful with a groin injury. Carlos Rogers, the team's best corner, is still scheduled to start, but he has been limited with a calf injury in practice.
  • S Sean Jones is scheduled to be back and starting this week, meaning it'll be the first time this season that we'll get a look at our entire starting secondary. With Brandon McDonald, Eric Wright, and Brodney Pool all having superb seasons thus far, the group should be fun to watch. Our depth will now improve, with a fairly-talented Mike Adams being able to get more work as a nickel back again.
  • Defensive lineman Shaun Smith has been ruled out already, but he could be ready in another week or two. Offensive lineman Kevin Shaffer's status is up in the air, so he hasn't been ruled out yet.
  • No official word has been given on Kellen Winslow yet, although as of Thursday, he was not medically cleared to practice. The big sign will be whether or not he practices today.

The Redskins are coming off their worst performance of the season against the St. Louis Rams. I know "flukes" happen, but if the Rams are able to take out the Redskins on the road, that should be some encouragement for us. Currently, the Redskins are favored by about seven points.