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"Because Change Worked So Well Last Time"


To honor Browns legends this season, the team will wear their throwback uniforms against the New York Giants this Monday. I'm not really a superstitious person, but the last time we decided to go with a change in uniform against a team came in the preseason, when the team wore brown pants against -- the New York Giants -- on Monday Night Football.

By the way, that was the game where Derek Anderson was knocked around silly with a concussion, and it was also the game where the Browns (mostly the starters) faced an embarrassing 30-3 halftime deficit.

On an optimistic note though, when the Browns wore their throwback uniforms at home last season, it was against the Houston Texans. In that game, the Browns played very well, coming away with a 27-17 victory over a then-competitive Texans team.

A picture of Brandon McDonald wearing the throwback uniform last season can be seen above and to the right.