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BREAKING: Ryan Tucker Placed on Injured Reserve


The Cleveland Browns place veteran offensive lineman Ryan Tucker on the injured reserve this morning due to a knee injury. Tucker only played in one game this year -- against the New York Giants -- before being sidelined again for the past two weeks. He will have his left knee scoped some time next week.

"I’m looking forward to getting my body completely healthy and returning to play in 2009," said Tucker. "This has been a tough process, first working my way back from a hip fracture and now having to recover from a knee injury. I know that once I’m healthy, I still have a lot of playing days ahead of me."

That means that Kevin Shaffer's starting job will be secure for at least the remainder of the season.

To take advantage of the extra roster spot, the Browns have once again promoted wide receiver Steve Sanders from the practice squad. For the Browns to make this move now rather than later, you have to wonder if it's in case Donte Stallworth will be inactive on gameday. If that happens, the Browns will have an extra receiver on the depth chart ready.