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Travis Daniels Could Replace Brandon McDonald

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported this morning that cornerback Travis Daniels could replace struggling starter Brandon McDonald this Monday against the Buffalo Bills. While Daniels has seen minimal playing time this season, the move might not be a bad one.

I am still intrigued with giving McDonald more starting opportunities this season. However, he is coming off two of the worst games in his career. After being burned that much, opposing teams will continue to attack. Putting McDonald as the nickel back this Monday could take away some of the pressure facing him, allowing him to regain any confidence he has lost.

Either way, whether Daniels starts or not, he will at least split reps with McDonald.

"[Coach Romeo Crennel] made a decision and I support it," McDonald said. "I'm not going to be angry about it. I love T. Daniels. I love what he brings to the game. I know he can come in and help us, so I'm not really aggravated about it. But I am aggravated at myself and how I've been playing the last couple of weeks."

Daniels has started 25 games during his NFL career, including five last season with the Miami Dolphins. Since joining the Browns this season, he has been shelved behind veteran Terry Cousin, forcing him to play exclusively on special teams.

Crennel also reports that there will be more linebacker and safety rotation on the defensive side of the ball. Hopefully that means more Leon Williams and less Andra Davis. What about rookie linebacker Beau Bell?

He added that rookie linebacker Beau Bell has been making good progress, "but just finding the chance to get him up and active is an issue."