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Official Week 11 Sunday Discussion Thread

This is the second Sunday in a row without Cleveland Browns football. I like the prime time games, but I also like the traditional football Sundays.

Nonetheless, if you are living in the Cleveland area, here are the games you can watch today:

  • Baltimore vs. NYG - 1:00 PM on CBS (Gumbel & Dierdorf)
  • Chicago vs. Green Bay - 1:00 PM on FOX (Buck & Aikman)
  • San Diego vs. Pittsburgh - 4:15 on CBS (Nantz & Simms)
  • Dallas vs. Washington - 8:15 on NBC (Michaels & Madden)

That's a pretty good lineup of games to watch. I'm fully aware that the Browns are on their last legs in the playoff race, but if you are interested in potential scenarios, we definitely need the Ravens and the Steelers to lose this week. Here's to hoping the Giants take care of business as usual and the Chargers exploit the Steelers' situation at quarterback.