Hit Me: Questions About The Houston Texans?

Howdy, Dawgs By Nature. It's Tim, one of your friendly neighborhood bloggers from SB Nation's site for all things Houston Texan, Battle Red Blog. As my squad is headed up to Cleveland this weekend, I figured I'd stop by to see if I could answer any questions for you.

A season that was supposed to be about gaining respectability for the NFL's newest franchise has gone completely off the tracks, so please pardon any bitterness and despair that bleed through my answers. I'm hanging on by a very thin thread. In an effort to streamline the process, here are some preemptive strikes to a few questions you might pose:

1. No, I do not expect the Texans to beat the Browns. The next time the Texans win a game on the road will be the first time since 11/04/07. That is not a joke.

2. Matt Schaub will not be playing, which means that you're assured of a game-ending interception by Sage Rosenfels in the unlikely event the Texans keep it close.

3. Brady Quinn, Braylon Edwards, and whoever else you trot out in the passing game are going to have big days. The Houston secondary gives the word "porous" a bad name.

So hit me, fans of the Pound. I'm here to field your queries in between sobbing fits.

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