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Sound Off - Who Do You Hate?

Yes, "hate" is a strong word. This is in a football sense as it relates to the Cleveland Browns, though.

Basically, this is your area to sound off following a pathetic 16-6 loss to the Houston Texans, in an attempt to prevent 50 threads being made about "why Crennel should be fired", "why Savage should be fired", etc.

Feel free to vent here, though I think we can refrain from the already tiresome Phil Savage e-mail jokes. What drove you nuts against the Texans? Romeo Crennel standing there on the sidelines? Thinking that Savage's picks haven't panned out? The constant drops of supposed Pro Bowl receiver Braylon Edwards? The two fumbles by Jamal Lewis? The ever-so-ineffective Andra Davis? I could go on and on, and so can sound off.