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Browns Sign RB Patrick; Crennel Still Won't Play Youngsters

The Cleveland Browns promoted running back Allen Patrick from the practice squad Thursday, bumping tight end Jed Collins down to the practice squad in the process. Patrick has been on the Browns' practice squad for the past 13 weeks, and had originally been with the Baltimore Ravens in training camp.

The promotion was likely made due to Jerome Harrison's nagging hamstring injury. Now, if Crennel suddenly gives Patrick a ton of carries this Monday night, I will be fuming again, simply because it'd be another "slap in the face" to Harrison (who hasn't been utilized enough all season).

 With that said, will Crennel's philosophy change regarding the playing time his rookies receive? Apparantly not. This week, Crennel cares about winning.

Rubbish_medium"We're going to look to try to win a game," Crennel said. "That's why you coach. Now, if a younger guy gives you a chance to win, then you can do that and you can maybe try to mix him in to maybe try to give him a play or two.

" can do that and you can maybe try to mix him into maybe try..."


"Part of the problem is getting them [rookies] into the games when it counts," Crennel said.

I'm literally speechless here folks...maybe my friend to the right can convey my feeling a little bit better.