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Hubbard Promoted to Main Roster

The Cleveland Browns announced several moves today. Here they are, in summary...

  • TE Steve Heiden tore his ACL and was placed on the injured reserve. He is scheduled to undergo surgery on Thursday.
  • LB Beau Bell will undergo surgery on his right knee for tendinitis and swelling. He has also been placed on the injured reserve.
  • TE John Madsen was signed to the 53-man roster. Madsen has played for the Oakland Raiders the past three seasons, and was originally undrafted. He has 19 catches for 248 yards and 2 touchdowns in his career.
  • WR Paul Hubbard was promoted from the practice squad.
  • LB David Holloway was signed to the practice squad. Holloway has previously been a practice squad player for the Arizona Cardinals.

With Romeo Crennel still coaching this team, you can't get excited about any of these moves. Reports seem to indicate that Darnell Dinkins, not Martin Rucker, will be the team's No. 1 tight end the rest of the season. However, it is interesting to note that the team has still yet to place Kellen Winslow on the injured reserve, leaving the possibility open that he could play in Week 17 against the Pittsburgh Steelers.