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Romeo Relieved of Duties, Cowher Says, "No"


Cleveland Browns head coach Romeo Crennel has been relieved of his duties, according to team spokesman Bill Bonsiewsicz. According to Adam Caplan of, the organization still owes Crennel about $9.8 million. What does the future hold for Crennel? Some Denver Broncos fans might be interested in him becoming their new defensive coordinator.

BREAKING 10:40 AM: According to Tony Rizzo of WKNR, Bill Cowher turned down Randy Lerner's offer on Saturday. Rizzo also reported that Phil Savage was fired on Saturday, prior to the final game against the Steelers.

UPDATE 11:00 AM: As for Randy Lerner's press conference, here is a brief recap, thanks to the Plain Dealer's reporting:

  • One of the primary purposes of the press conference was to announce that Crennel had indeed been fired.
  • He confirmed Rizzo's report that Cowher turned down his offer. Cowher, as he has said all season, told Lerner that he is not interested in coaching in 2009.
  • Lerner has already asked for permission to speak with the Patriots' Scott Pioli. Filling the GM role is Lerner's primary objective, obviously.
  • Lerned also stated that he requrested permission to speak with another NFL executive. However, that person was unnamed.

I know fans were very disappointed with how things went down this season. I think that by Lerner acting so quickly, he is again trying to "save" the organization. After all -- that stadium needs to be filled for eight games next season, right?