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Add Mel Tucker to the List of Browns' Candidates


That's right -- according to the Plain Dealer, Randy Lerner will interview current defensive coordinator Mel Tucker for our head coaching position. Tucker was promoted from our defensive backs coach to our defensive coordinator after Todd Grantham was let go last season. With the Browns finishing 26th in the league defensively, surely Tucker has as good of a chance as anyone to become our next head coach, right?


Without the intention of coming off as disrespectful, Tucker is likely filling Lerner's requirement of having to interview at least one minority candidate, per league rules. Sorry Tucker -- odds are that's the only reason you're receiving an interview.

In other head coaching rumors today, the OBR reported earlier today that the Browns asked for and received permission to interview New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, as expected. The Plain Dealer reported that Tennessee Titans defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz will be brought in for an interview as well. Last, but not least, the Plain Dealer also speculated via sources that Mike Shanahan will most certainly be given consideration for the head coaching role. However, bringing in Shanahan -- a guy who would probably want control over his roster -- would conflict with Scott Pioli, if we do indeed hire him as our general manager.