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Browns Keep Their Rock

In a move that wasn't too surprising, the Browns re-signed veteran running back Jamal Lewis on Thursday to a three-year deal. According to the OBR, the deal could give Lewis the option to opt out of the contract before the third year.

Lewis' success this past season was that of someone who surpassed their expectations. Although Lewis has unquestionably had better seasons (mostly due to facing the Browns), I'm thrilled that we were able to bring a guy back who iced quite a few games for us last season (remember his big carry against the Jets?).
"I said all year long that I wanted to get a long-term deal done to stay in Cleveland and it looks like with this new contract I will be able to finish my career as a Brown," Lewis said.
Still, this doesn't address the situation of what will happen to the Browns' tailback situation if Lewis goes down with an injury, or if an injury prevents him from being the effective runner that he is. Jason Wright has proven to be a decent spell back, and Jerome Harrison still has hype surrounding him about being our Darren Sproles. Neither of them are full-time starting running backs in the making though.I've been way too far behind in my free agency reports, which I firmly insist will begin this weekend (including possible solutions to our backup running back situation). In a way though, I'm glad I didn't get too hyped over someone like Albert Haynesworth in reports the past few weeks, since the Tennessee Titans slapped him with the franchise tag.