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BREAKING NEWS: Browns Trade Bodden for Rogers?

According to

It has not been confirmed yet, but a league source said the Lions are very close to finalizing a deal that will send Shaun Rogers to the Cleveland Browns for veteran cornerback Leigh Bodden and a third-round draft pick.

Details are still sketchy, but the original trade that sent Rogers to the Cincinnati Bengals for a third- and fifth-round pick did not go through. Link

This would be a complete shock if it were true, and would be a huge gamble on Savage's part.

Rogers has been in trouble with the league already, so one wrong move will probably get him suspended for a year. Bodden was our "veteran" corner, and a damn good one too. However, if he does remain injury-riddled through his career and Brandon McDonald is just as good or better, the deal will work in our favor.

The weird part is that the Bengals offered a 3rd and 5th rounder. The Browns are supposedly giving up a 3rd rounder and Leigh Bodden. Does that mean Bodden in a sense is being treated as a 5th rounder?

Remember, the trade is not yet confirmed.

Update [2008-2-29 22:24:16 by ChrisPokorny]: More sources, including Tony Grossi of the Plain Dealer, are saying a deal is close. Grossi also reports that the Browns are trying to bring in Ravens linebacker Nick Greisen and Steelers linebacker Clark Haggans over the weekend for interviews.