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WR Donte Stallworth, DE Travis LaBoy on Radar

Free agency started with a bang for the third consecutive year in the Phil Savage era, as the Browns traded their second-round pick for April's draft to the Green Bay Packers for DL Corey Williams. It seems as though Williams would be suited for the defensive end position in our 3-4, but various reports have mentioned him filling the nose tackle position. I'm sure this is something we can debate or receive clarification on in the near future.

Now, on to the other notes of interest:
  • WR Donte Stallworth: According to's Jay Glazer, Stallworth will be visiting the Browns today. Stallworth has been fairly successul in his short stints with the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots the past two years, and is an ideal deep threat / run after the catch type of guy. With that said, he doesn't have the same potential that I believe D.J. Hackett would have.
  • DE Travis LaBoy: Read what I said about LaBoy yesterday, whom I ranked third on my list of wanted players. I get giddy when a player I listed actually does visit the Browns, because it makes it look like I know what I'm talking about ;) According to Tony Grossi of the Plain Dealer, LaBoy will be the first free agent to visit the Browns Friday. Having LaBoy on the team would make a lot more sense now that we do have an impact defensive lineman in Williams.
I haven't heard anything about bringing in Calvin Pace yet, but there is still plenty of time left (although you have to act quick at the same time in free agency). I hope to have updates throughout the day, so please check back as soon as possible! Who knows: maybe we'll even hear something about Derek Anderson today.