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Browns Have SIX Pro Bowlers

First, it was just the acrobatic Braylon Edwards and electrifying Joshua Cribbs.

Next, it was the sensational rookie tackle Joe Thomas.

Then, it was Butch Davis' finest draft pick Ryan Pontbriand.

The numbers just keep on growing.

Derek Anderson and Kellen Winslow were added to the Pro Bowl today, replacing the "injured" Tom Brady and Antonio Gates. That means that the Browns will have six Pro Bowlers featured next week for the AFC. Just think about that for a minute -- after not having a single Pro Bowler since Jamir Miller, we have six in one season.

As happy as I am about so many Browns being represented in the Pro Bowl, in a way it emphasizes that the Browns have a lot of work to do in the offseason because not a single one of our Pro Bowlers were on the defensive side of the ball.High-powered offensive teams are great if you have a level of respectability on defense. Why haven't the St. Louis Rams or the Arizona Cardinals made the postseason the past several years, despite having potent offenses? Because they put a defense on the field that was below average.Will Mel Tucker Jr. do better than Todd Grantham did as the team's defensive coordinator? Much like we had to wait until Week 2 to see Rob Chudzinski's offense pan out, we're not going to get a solid answer to that question until the regular season starts. Until then, it'll be a bunch of theories on the players that could improve the defense through the draft and free agency.Back to the Pro Bowl -- because there are so many Browns playing, I will have a toned-down gameday thread up for it prior to the action starting. Maybe we'll be graced with seeing Anderson get a toss or two in to Winslow.