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Rex Hadnot to Compete With Ryan Tucker

I asked for depth on the defensive line, the linebacker position, and in the secondary. Instead, Phil Savage and company focused on the offensive line first. Why not protect the unit that deserves the most credit for our 10-win season last year?

Hadnot provides the Browns with as deep of a line as they had last season.
The Browns signed Lennie Friedman and Rex Hadnot to contracts. Hadnot is this year's Seth McKinney -- he started all 16 games for the Miami Dolphins last season and can play either guard or center. However, Hadnot supposedly has a little more upside than McKinney did, especially if you're patient enough to dissect this work of art.

Hadnot agreed to a two-year deal and will probably compete with Ryan Tucker for the starting right guard position. The same thing happened last year between Tucker and McKinney, but McKinney won the job by default due the suspension Tucker had to serve to begin the season. Since Tucker ended the season as the starter though, I think he'll have the edge heading into training camp this time around.

Friedman, as we all know, has been a reliable enough backup the past several seasons with the Browns (and don't forget about his special teams contributions). I'm sure Joshua Cribbs can't wait to use him off the wedge again after seeing such a pitiful wedge in the Pro Bowl.

While I have to confirm this a little further, it seems as though this year's NFL schedule will be revealed on April 3rd (although that may be the date where they simply announce games such as the opener and a couple of other prime time games). With all of the Browns' additions again in free agency, I may actually increase my projected prime time games to three or four.