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LB Clark Haggans Set to Visit Cleveland

After hearing rumors of his arrival since the day of free agency, linebacker Clark Haggans is finally scheduled to visit with the Browns today and tomorrow, according to agent Jeff Sperbeck.

Haggans recorded 32.5 sacks the past six years with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and he's not too bad of a tackler either. Playing opposite of Kamerion Wimbley would be an upgrade over Antwan Peek and Willie McGinest. I wrote an article last week about needing depth at the linebacker position and in the secondary still. I think a guy who's had years of experience in the Steelers' 3-4 system, and is almost guaranteed a little over five sacks a year, sounds like a pretty good deal.

And, although he wasn't necessarily an "X-factor" in the Browns-Steelers rivalry, any little edge or moment when Haggans has the chance to take down Ben Roethlisberger should sound satisfying to any Browns fan.

Since Haggans has already visited with quite a few teams, and since the Browns lost out on Chaun Thompson (signed with the Texans), I wouldn't be too surprised if a deal is announced in the coming days.