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Browns' Final Schedule Coming

The full NFL schedule for the 2008-2009 regular season will be officially announced Tuesday at 2:00 PM EST. Make sure that you're paying attention to DBN and other various sources a little prior to that though if you're anxious to hear about the schedule. Chances are that something will get leaked prior to that deadline.

There was an interesting rumor posted by a member over at the Orange and Brown Report. Take it for what it's worth:

"I have a friend who works for the Browns that told me we did not get a home Monday night game. We did get a 4 PM start in the opener hosting the Cowboys. We got a Sunday nighter against the Steelers at home. We also got the Thanksgiving night game at home against Indy. This was supposed to be the caveat, no offense but I'd rather have the home Monday nighter. They don't come around that often."

Tony Grossi already reported the rumor of the Cowboys game a week or so ago, and apparently thee have been rumors about the Browns getting a Thanksgiving game as well.

Still, I wouldn't get too excited or disappointed about anything yet. You never know what's official until it's truly "official".