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Mocks Project the Browns' 4th Round

Here are various mock drafts from around the web, showing who people think the Browns will take in the fourth round:
Cleveland Browns 4th Round Mock Projections (No. 122)
Website Pos Player H W School Round*
NFL Draft Specialists DT Marcus Harrison 6-3 317 Arkansas 2-3
The Football Expert OLB Bruce Davis 6-2 252 UCLA 3-5
Comment: Trading for quarterback Brady Quinn bounced them out of the first round. Acquiring defensive tackle Corey Williams put them out of day one, and now the Shaun Rogers deal has them out of the top 100. They have all sorts of other problems on defense and arent likely going to solve them in this draft considering this is their first pick, but probably will try. They want a pass rushing linebacker, but when you don’t pick until #122 it makes things a little difficult. Shantee Orr signed on, but hes not much help. This would be a great option if he is still on the board. Davis is active with the ability to sack the quarterback, which he did nearly once per game over his final two seasons for the Bruins although some question him as the dreaded tweener, too small for defensive end and not quick enough for linebacker. However, it isn’t easy to find players who can generate a pass rush.
Sports Fury OLB Bruce Davis 6-2 252 UCLA 3-5
Comment: Undersized DE can play 3-4 OLB. Finds the QB and appears athletic enough to play in space.
Walter Football OLB Shawn Crable 6-5 245 Michigan 2-3
Comment: This is Cleveland's first draft pick, as the team dealt all of its choices away. It actually did a great job filling most of its needs. One thing it didn't address, however, is the rush linebacker position.
NFL Draft Blitz OLB Shawn Crable 6-5 245 Michigan 2-3
Draft Season OLB Orlando Scandrick 5-10 192 Boise St. 3-5
Comment: The Browns finally get to play and add a fast rising prospect to their thin secondary.
Sports News SW DE Marcus Howard 6-0 237 Georgia 3-5
Draft Tek DE Marcus Howard 6-0 237 Georgia 3-5
Football Dialogue ILB Phillip Wheeler 6-2 248 Georgia Tech 2-3
Comment: Finally a pick and Wheeler is a steal at this point.
FB Draft Analysis CB Jack Williams 5-9 180 Kent State 3-5
Sporting News DT Frank Okam 6-4 347 Texas 3-5

*Round projections come from

I found it interesting that on three occasions, two websites chose the same player with our fourth-round selection. Linebackers Bruce Davis and Shawn Crable, and defensive end Marcus Howard, were taken twice.

I'm still fond of the possibility that we'll get a solid cornerback this Sunday in the fourth round, though we did get an apparent solid cornerback in Brandon McDonald last year in the fifth round.

Usually I'm a little hesitant to believe people can accurately project mocks after three rounds (in reality, two rounds only is probably still the best). One mock that you have to look at interestingly is the Sporting News', in which they selected defensive tackle Frank Okam in the fourth round. What I didn't show is that they have us selecting cornerback Orlando Scandrick in the fifth round (Draft Season had us taking him in round four), and Shawn Crable (two websites have us taking him in round four) in the sixth round. Canton Repository writer Steve Doerschuk has also suggested that the Browns might bring Crable in.

So that I'm not throwing what little there is to talk about all out there at once, I'll be discussing more of my personal opinions on the draft, as well as whether or not the Browns can/will move up, in the coming days. Until then, please feel free to discuss if you are interested in any of the players listed in the table above (and, whether or not you think the pick would be a reach, a steal, or just right).