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2008 NFL Draft Day 2 Open Thread



Please feel free to chat about the 2008 NFL Draft for Day 2 here! I'll update this post throughout the day if there are any rumors regarding the Cleveland Browns.

Cleveland Browns' Day 2 Picks
Round 4 (No. 104): Beau Bell, LB - UNLV*
Round 4 (No. 111): Martin Rucker, TE - Missouri*
Round 6 (No. 190): Athyba Rubin, DT - Iowa St.
Round 6 (No. 191): Paul Hubbard, WR - Wisconsin**
Round 7 (No. 231): Alex Hall, DE - St. Augustine

*Picks were acquired through the Dallas Cowboys. In the deal:

Browns to Dallas: No. 122 overall and No. 155 overall in 2008.
Browns to Dallas: 3rd round pick in 2009.
Dallas to Browns: No. 104 overall and No. 111 overall in 2008.

**Pick was acquired through the Philadelphia Eagles.

Browns to Eagles: 5th round pick in 2009.
Eagles to Browns: No. 191 overall in 2008.

Live Updates (Newest at Bottom)

10:38 a.m:  Dan Connor is off the board, as he is drafted by the Carolina Panthers.  So far, Bruce Davis, Shawn Crable, Orlando Scandrick,  Jack Williams, Marcus Harrison,  Frank Okam, and Mario Manningham are all still available. Each of those players have been rumored to be going to the Browns, among others. Of course, we're still in round three here.


10:41 a.m: Go Cavs, right? Here's to hoping we don't get blown out again by the Wizards.

10:45 a.m: Sorry Shawn Crable fans: the New England Patriots just took him with the 79th overall pick. Right now, I'm leaning towards wanting either Bruce Davis or Orlando Scandrick, we'll see how things develop.

10:49 a.m: No word yet on the Fabian Washington deal. If something were to happen, I'd expect it to occur right when we're about to pick.

10:53 a.m: My goodness, what a great draft for the Panthers so far. In the third round, they've already drafted Charles Godfrey and Dan Connor. That adds to their Day 1 success.

10:56 a.m: I'm probably going to have to leave between noon and 2:00 p.m, unfortunately. If anything major happen during that time and I'm away, feel free to make a fanpost about it and I'll promote it to the front page when I get back.

10:58 a.m: With Dan Connor gone, I hear some chatter on other Browns boards that fans would like to see Beau Bell in a Cleveland uniform. I don't think our inside linebackers are a strong point of our defense, but I don't know if Bell would necessarily make a significant difference either.

11:14 a.m: With the 88th overall pick, the Steelers just grabbed Bruce Davis. The player a few of us wanted is now despised beyond belief. Right now, I'd definitely ditch the 4th rounder for Washington, if the deal is still on the table.

11:22 a.m: Marcus Harrison is gone.

11:40 a.m: The Giants just took Mario Manningham near the end of round three. It would've been intriguing to have him, but defense is still our priority.

11:51 a.m: Round four is underway! The Browns' first pick should be 22 picks away. Jack Williams, Trae Williams, and Orlando Scandrick all still remain on the board at the cornerback position.

11:55 a.m: Yikes! Cornerbacks Tyvon Branch and Justin King are taken with the first two picks in round two. The next three best cornerbacks are now the ones we were interested in, and we're still 20 picks away.

11:57 a.m: I just realized: the Raiders traded up to get cornerback Tyvon Branch. Could that be an indicator that Washington is leaving soon?

2:15 p.m: I left when the Cowboys were on the clock in the fourth round with the fifth pick. I come back now to see that the Browns traded up at that pick. That just burns me, sitting through hours yesterday and this morning, and the very PICK I leave, we made our move.

2:18 p.m: So, here's what happened with the 104th overall pick. The Browns traded their 122nd pick and 155th pick to the Cowboys to move up. Then, the Browns selected inside linebacker Beau Bell. As I pointed out earlier, many of you were interested in Bell.

2:20 p.m: It's official that the Browns and Cowboys are in love with each other when it comes to dealing on draft day. We actually got the Cowboys' 111th overall pick in the draft as well, but we also gave Dallas our third-round draft pick in 2009.

With the 111th overall pick, the Browns selected tight end Martin Rucker out of Missouri. I had an eerie feeling that we'd be drafting a tight end. Savage says that this was a value pick, and he'd better think that considering what he gave up. On the same note, I keep hearing from Savage and ESPN that Rucker is first-round talent. While we like Steve Heiden, I'm guessing this is a pick that's supposed to make opposing teams really pay if they double-team Winslow with linebackers or safeties.

2:34 p.m: As DBN user talonk mentioned earlier, Fabian Washington was shipped to the Baltimore Ravens. It cost the Ravens a late fourth-round pick. Based on Savage's deal, he probably preferred the thought of getting Bell and Rucker over getting Washington only.

2:38 p.m: Some statistical data from last season for TE Martin Rucker:

Receiving Kickoff Returns Punt Returns
G Rec Yds Y/G AVG Lng TD KR YDS AVG Lng TD PR Yds Avg Lng TD
14 84 834 0 9.9 0 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Not too bad for a fourth rounder, eh?

2:42 p.m: Cornerback Trae Williams is still up there. The Browns have a ways to go though until they pick again.

2:53 p.m: Williams goes to Jacksonville at No. 159 overall. By the time you get to 6th and 7th round talent, it truly is hit or miss (mostly miss) in terms of projecting who we'll get. Cornerback may be more of a need, but we could take a wide receiver, or heck, another tight end.

4:14 p.m: In the sixth round, the Browns took DT Athyba Rubin from Iowa State at No. 190. Then, the Browns worked out a trade to acquire the VERY next pick, No. 191. With that pick, the Browns took WR Paul Hubbard from Wisconsin. I'm guessing we gave up a pick in 2009 to acquire Hubbard, more to follow on that though.

4:21 p.m: Looks like in order to get Hubbard, we gave the Eagles our 5th round pick in 2009.

4:48 p.m: Michigan's Mike Hart is off the board, as he went late in round six to the Colts. I'm sure a few 'experts' in the media will question why the Browns didn't take a flier on him. I can't imagine Savage coveting anyone else too much, but I'll still keep my eyes open for a trade possibility.

5:07 p.m: Lack of faith in Aaron Rodgers, or simply having as many options as possible? After Favre's retirement, the Packers have drafted Brian Brohm and Matt Flynn.

5:40 p.m: The Browns are up in about three picks here. My money is on us taking Kenny Mayne.

5:48 p.m: With our final pick, the Browns selected DE Alex Hall. ESPN lists his college as null, so I'll try and look him up quickly.

5:51 p.m: Hall is from St. Augustine.

5:52 p.m: The Browns 2008 Draft should be officially over. I'll have scouting reports on the players we picked throughout the week.