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Giants Hosting Browns in Preseason Prime Timer

We asked for prime time, and we got it -- for the preseason, that is.

A few weeks ago, I reported that the NFL schedules for the 2008-2009 season would be released on April 3. Apparently, I was partially mistaken because only preseason games were announced today. Three of our games seem bland as usual, but one of them is most certainly intriguing:

  • Game 1: New York Jets (Aug 7-11)
  • Game 2: at New York Giants (Aug 18) on ESPN, 8 p.m.
  • Game 3: at Detroit Lions (Aug 21-25)
  • Game 4: Chicago Bears (Aug 28-29)

In our second preseason games, the Browns will be featured on Monday Night Football against the defending Super Bowl Champion New York Giants. Although the third preseason game is the most competitive game, the second game is typically the second most competitive game. Considering the Browns face the Giants in the regular season though, I wouldn't expect us to throw much of our "true" gameplan against them.

Also notable is the fact that we are facing both New York teams back to back.

For those of you who missed it, Tony Grossi had a very interesting tidbit on Tuesday about our possible Week 1 matchup:

Here come the Cowboys: A league source said one draft of the upcoming 2008 schedule calls for the Browns to open the season Sept. 7 at home against the Dallas Cowboys. The game would be moved to 4 p.m. and aired on FOX as its national game.

I can't say I'd be confident heading into Week 1 against the Cowboys, but it'd certainly be a game that I'd really get hyped for to kick off the season. And, considering the Browns already have a prime time game in the preseason and a possible Week 1 nationally televised game, I can't wait to see just how many prime time games we will have during the regular season.

For the record, the full regular season schedule will be released later in April. Some reports have indicated that it could be released as early as next week.