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Kenny Wright Clearly Needs to Go

As far as Kenny Wright's future with the Cleveland Browns goes?

I'd say "see ya".

I saw no reason why we should've kept Wright after last season due to the minimal playing time he received and the lack of impact he had on the defensive side of the ball. Our reward for keeping him is being able to see the headline "Browns CB K. Wright Arrested" across all of the mainstream media headlines across the nation. Among Wright's issues as he was down in the Texas Police Department parking lot:

-He caused a lot of ruckus, drawing police to him in the first place.
-He had a bag full of marijuana in his car.
-He fled on foot, resisting arrest.

Excuse me for the comment, but what a total douche. My view on this matter might be slightly hypocritical in the sense that I would not want to outright cut a player like Eric Wright, Sean Jones, or Kamerion Wimbley if they had been in this situation. I would be furious at the stupidity by one of the luckier people in the United States (someone who makes it to the NFL), but I'd give them a second shot on a short leash.

K. Wright never had an impact last season, and as far as I'm concerned, he cost himself the opportunity of competing for a job this season. Bringing in Ty Law or drafting a cornerback in the fourth-round (or later) would probably earn us a better buy anyway. After all -- Brandon McDonald, a fifth-rounder from last season, is already light years further than K. Wright in my opinion (now it's on and off the field, too).

Now then, in other news, you and three of your friends can win a tour at Cleveland Browns Stadium by Browns QB Brady Quinn:

During the Ultimate Draft Day Party hosted by the Browns and Donatos on April 26, Brady [Quinn] will take one winner and three of his or her friends on a behind-the-scenes tour of the Cleveland Browns Stadium and locker rooms. Brady will also watch part of the draft telecast with the winners. The winner will also receive four seats at the Browns VIP draft day brunch with other Cleveland Browns alum, autographed Browns memorabilia, suite tickets to a Browns 2008 preseason game and a $100 Donatos Pizza gift card. Interested customers can register to win at, now through April 20, 2008. The winner will be selected and notified April 21.

Let me know if you apply; I'd be curious to see if one of my reader's wins!