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Ryan Tucker Has Successful Hip Surgery


There's a reason we signed depth on the offensive line. The Browns announced today that RG Ryan Tucker underwent successful surgery on Friday to repair a non displaced fracture in his hip (I would assume this is why he left the OTA session on Day 2). The surgery was performed at The Cleveland Clinic (a.k.a. cue up a staph infection for him clinic). According to the Browns' press release, Tucker is expected to be ready for the start of the season.

Unless Tucker is ready by training camp, I think this means he has already lost his starting job, and understandably so. The candidates to replace him are the following four men, in respective order:

1. Rex Hadnot: As reader Roger Dorn mentioned the other day, it was probably an important sign to see Hadnot lining up as the right guard with the second unit, prior to Tucker's injury.

2. Seth McKinney: McKinney was our starting guard last season and definitely has the experience in our system, which could lend him a hand in the competition with Hadnot.

3. LeCharles Bentley: Obviously a wildcard considering his stay with the Browns -- unless he comes back and absolutely mauls our practice dummies like a Pro Bowler would, he's not much of a frontrunner yet.

4. Lennie Friedman: He's more suited for the "spelling" guard and special teams player (and, he's more utilized at left guard).

Former fourth-round pick Isaac Sowells is also a guard, but there is no way he'll be given a legitimate chance at the role, especially since he'll be working more at the tackle position anyway.