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UPDATE: Holly's Injury is Serious

After the OBR reported CB Daven Holly suffered a knee injury during yesterday's practice, it was confirmed by several sources overnight that his injury is indeed serious.

"Daven Holly did suffer a knee injury today," Bill Bonsiewicz, Browns vice president of communications, confirmed Tuesday night. "We will have more details on his condition tomorrow."

If you remember from last week, I stated that the media is allowed to attend OTA sessions on Wednesdays. That means that there will almost surely be updates regarding his status later today (i.e. timeframe, when someone will be signed, etc).

On the OBR, reporter Lane Adkins made an interesting point that the Browns have not been very interested in Ty Law, and probably will continue to be off of the team's radar. Adkins also states that the team is not too excited about the cornerbacks currently on the market.

It seems possible that the Browns will be keeping a very close eye on June cuts -- if someone catches their eye, they could be all over them before any other teams have a chance.