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Thursday's Link Collection

In a feature that I'll be reviving on Dawgs By Nature to ensure you have fresh content to see more often, I'll be posting a collection of links to sources around the web that might be of interest to you.

I will also "rank" the stories the best that I can, with my "favorite" stories located closer to the top:

Savage would consider trading Browns veteran (Canton Repository)

Injury could open door for A.J. Davis (Official Site)

Browns begin search for new cornerback in 2008 (Akron Beacon Journal)

Time is now for Wright and McDonald (Official Site)

Browns must trade for a cornerback (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Obviously, the overall consensus of today's articles addresses the Browns' cornerback position after the injury to Daven Holly. It's interesting to hear that the Browns might trade away one of our veteran offensive players -- it'd be a shame to lose some of our outstanding depth, but we need to do something.