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Rumors in Full Swirl: Domonique Foxworth

Denver Broncos CB Domonique Foxworth could be one of the players on the Browns' radar in the coming days. Browns GM Phil Savage has already stated that the team will be investigating trade opportunities, but that top-tier corners, such as Lito Sheppard and Ty Law, are out of their price range.


Broncos CB Domonique Foxworth, left, stretches with CB Champ Bailey, right, during a practice session. Picture credited via

On paper, Foxworth would be the right addition at the right time. He is entering the final year of his contract with the Broncos, and is not in the running for a starting role. However, it's pretty hard to be a starter when Champ Bailey and Dre Bly are ahead of you on the depth chart. Besides the fact that Foxworth has three years worth of experience on the Broncos, he was once clocked running a stunning 4.22 in the 40-yard dash. I can run probably a 4.4 on my best day, so I know a 4.22 has to be blazing molten hot fast (I've listened to Randy Jackson talk too much).

Foxworth has 174 tackles and 3 interceptions during his three-year stay with the Broncos. His playing time has been limited to a nickel back role the past few years -- however, that's the type of player that Savage is going to be looking for. Here's the catch, of course: Denver probably isn't exactly with a "surplus" of defensive backs either; they're just better off than the Browns are right now. The Broncos would love to have another stud receive after losing WR Javon Walker. The only receiver the Browns would probably be willing to part with is Travis Wilson. However, if something were to develop, I'd bank on the Browns having to give up Wilson and a draft pick next season (note: we've already sacrificed our 2009 third- and fifth-round choices).


I asked for a blurb from our Denver Broncos correspondent, John Bena, over at Mile High Report. I got a lot more than a blurb, and if I enjoyed the read, I'm sure all of you will too, especially since Bena knows what he's talking about (he's very familiar with the Cleveland area)...

"When dissecting the Domonique Foxworth rumors, let's start with the source. Bill Williamson covered the Broncos the past 4 years as the beat writer for the Denver Post. Needless to say he wasn't very popular in town. He wasn't a Denver guy and really didn't get Broncos Football(kinda like Bill Livingston in Cleveland). He knows the Broncos floated Foxy's name before the draft and that Foxy wants to be a starter. Those days were part of the Ted Sundquist era, however, and most Foxworth trade rumors ended when Sundquist and the Broncos parted ways.

As for this specific rumor, Williamson has no fact to base it on other than his bit knowledge of the Broncos and their supposed "depth" at corner. They do have depth, with Champ Bailey and Dre Bly manning the starting jobs and Karl Paymah slotted as the "Big Nickel". The Broncos also drafted Kent St. alum Jack Williams in the 4th Round. Foxworth will see plenty of action as well, and will be the first in line should someone go down. The Broncos like that depth and plan on going into the season with it. Can the Browns do something to get their attention? Sure. A 2nd Round pick would do it, but that would be crazy, especially considering the Browns have already moved 2 of their '09 picks already. A combination of players and picks? The Browns really don't have a surplus at a position the Broncos need. Wide Receiver may come to mind, but the Broncos have plenty of depth, and the Browns really couldn't offer anything the Broncos don't already have(we would be happy to take Josh Cribbs off your hands!)

But Foxworth is a Free Agent after this season, right? He sure is. In days past, those words meant the Broncos would try and make a move. The idea now is to build through the draft. Sure, Foxworth could walk away after 2008, but the Broncos would surely receive draft pick compensation. A 4th rounder
for Foxy, after getting production from him all year would be better than trading him for that same 4th rounder now.

In the end, I just don't think there is much substance to the rumor, knowing the source (Williamson) and the teams involved. I'm sure Tony Grossi will post it front and center tomorrow morning, insinuating the deal is forthcoming. I put the chances at 20%."

Major props to Mr. Bena for taking the time to vent there, and again, check out more of his fine work at Mile High Report. (Note: Cribbs is off the table ;))

Relatedly, the Browns signed CB Daven Holly and will move him to the injured reserve, the club announced today. If you guys have further candidates you believe the Browns might seriously consider, whether they be a free agent or trade possibility, post them here and I'll try to do a write-up on them.