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BREAKING: Browns Sign Terry Cousin

According to ESPN's John Clayton, the Cleveland Browns have signed CB Terry Cousin. Contract details have not yet been disclosed. Cousin is a definite step in the right direction, at least to bring some ease to fans after seeing our lack of experience at cornerback following Daven Holly's injury.

I still have to believe the Browns will take one of three paths (really, all I'm doing is presenting every opportunity...):

1. Trade for another cornerback

2. Wait for the June 1st cuts

3. Hope for a guy like A.J. Davis to flourish

I'm actually still leaning towards the Browns trying to work out a trade as a likely option. If a team is going to cut a veteran cornerback in June, they may try to milk us for one of our depth players. Sure, you can counter and say "why don't the Browns just wait until he's released?", but if we know we can get another player for relatively cheap without risking another team snatching him up, it could be worth it.