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Quality Photo Requests & More Sections

I have two site-related matters to discuss on this beautiful Sunday morning Memorial Day weekend. First, I am starting to add sections to the site, which will help you filter through any old stories on DBN you want to see. Currently, I have completed the "2007 Game Day Threads", "2007 Game Reviews", and "2007 Training Camp" sections (these can be seen on the left side of the front page). More sections will be added in the coming days.

Second, I am putting a request out there to anyone who might have close up shots of current Browns players (i.e. if you took them with a digital camera last season). I'm going to try and make desktop Browns wallpapers available on DBN for anyone who wants to use them, and it'd be nice to have a close up shot of a Derek Anderson or a Kellen Winslow, for example.

Please note: if the players look like ants, the picture may still be "nice" overall, but I'm looking for close-ups of individual players. If you have anything and would like to help me, send me an email at