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Browns Lose Out on LB Colvin

The Browns can forget about signing Rosevelt Colvin. The former New England Patriots linebacker signed with the Houston Texans today after two weeks of negotiations.

The Texans are hoping that Colvin, 6-3, 250, can provide another pass rush off the edge that was missing since last season.

It's kind of ironic if you look at things this way: the Texans signed Colvin in search of a pass rushing threat they were missing last season.

Antwan Peek (2005): 6 sacks with Houston
Shantee Orr (2005): 7 sacks with Houston

Together, Peek and Orr were the team's best pass-rushing duo since returning to the league. They really only had some success in 2005, but now both men have been casted over to the Browns. On top of that, linebacker Chaun Thompson, who had five sacks with the Browns in -- you guessed it -- 2005, is on the Texans' roster.

Which duo will do better this year? Peek/Orr or Thompson/Colvin?