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Browns Interested in Trading for...a WR?

Game8parker01_mediumWhile casually browsing the newswire a few minutes ago, I read a story in the San Diego Union-Tribune that stated that the Chargers are fielding trades for veteran wide receiver Eric Parker. To my surprise, the article specifically mentions the Browns as one of the teams being interested, according to sources:

The Cleveland Browns, whose offensive coordinator is former Chargers tight ends coach Rob Chudzinksi, are among the teams that have shown interest in Parker. The Chargers are believed to be asking for a draft pick somewhere in the final three rounds.

If this is indeed true that the Browns put a feeler out for Parker, especially if it was within the past few weeks (the article doesn't state), then I'd start raising another red flag when it comes to the health of veteran receiver Joe Jurevicius. It wouldn't make much sense to acquire Parker as a fifth-receiver, or even as a fourth-receiver if he could beat out Travis Wilson.

One of Parker's attractive abilities from the past is that he's capable of returning punts. We have Joshua Cribbs though, so again, it wouldn't make sense to acquire him for that reason. One of our picks in the bottom three rounds would be better used towards a cornerback-equivalent to Parker -- the trouble is finding him.