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WR Matt Jones - Browns Interested?

Nfl_jones_250_mediumWhat in the world is with this sudden wave of interest in the Browns acquiring another wide receiver? After yesterday's rumor regarding veteran Chargers WR Eric Parker, there are reports today that the Browns might be one of the teams interested in WR Matt Jones of the Jacksonville Jaguars:

Jacksonville "appears to be ready to cut ties" with Matt Jones, according to beat writer Michael C. Wright.

Jones is low on the depth chart and has missed some practices with his typical nagging injuries. He would be an intriguing waiver claim because Jones' base salaries are only $625,000 and $565,000 in 2008 and 2009, respectively. The Cowboys, Dolphins, and Browns might have some interest.

Between Jones and Parker, I'd probably prefer Parker. While Jones definitely had more projected upside when he was drafted a few years ago, he's never lived up to his potential, and would represent another "project" (i.e. Travis Wilson). Since we already have Wilson, Parker, a more-established veteran, would be my preferred choice.

Still, in the end, I don't want either guy if Joe Jurevicius is perfectly fine. On the same note again though, Jones' low base salary in 2009 is very intriguing if Jurevicius does decide to hang it up.

Another thing to consider: the rumor that the Jaguars are interested in cutting ties with Jones came from beat writer Michael C. Wright. In his piece, he never mentioned specific teams that would be interested. Rotoworld was the site that mentioned the Browns, Dolphins, and Cowboys as teams that might have interest. If those are just wild guesses made by Rotoworld, then perhaps you can consider the Parker rumor more serious than the Jones rumor.