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Judgment Day for Bentley Coming June 9th

On June 9th, we'll officially know whether or not offensive lineman LeCharles Bentley will be permitted to play this season. Browns GM Phil Savage stated that Bentley will undergo his physical next Monday.

"We'll know by Monday evening, I would suspect, one way or the other in terms of what he's going to be capable of doing."

The Plain Dealer reports that Bentley is excited about how good his surgically repaired knee feels. Should we get overly excited about the fact that Bentley is taking a physical? Funny enough, Bentley had a physical on July 23, 2007 for the Browns, and he passed. He passed, and yet he never came close to playing a single down for us during the season.

The optimism in Berea does seem to be a little bit brighter and open regarding Bentley this year though, so I think he will see the field during training camp as long as he passes again.

In another injury-related tidbit, as originally projected, Braylon Edwards has returned from his hip pointer injury and is at a full-go in practices again.