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Rubbish Post of the Week - Acquiring Bodden

 Welcome to the second edition of DBN's "rubbish post of the week", where I highlight absurd ideas, unbelievably poor grammar, or pretty much anything that I find from a Browns fan on the Internet that makes me believe they are on cloud nine.

Rubbish_mediumThis week's featured person is "pmars64" over at the OBR. The topic title alone was ridiculous enough: Why not trade a draft pick for Leigh Bodden?

Let's take a look at his actual post though, to see if he sounds serious or if he was simply trying to pull a late April Fool's joke:

"He didn't have a great year last year, but the Lions have a crowded secondary now and, obviously, he knows the systems.  Plus, it would correct what looks like a mistake by Savage to include him instead of a draft pick in the Rogers deal.  How about a fourth or a fifth rounder next year (if we have one)?  Thoughts?"

Sounds good. While we're at it, why don't we let the Ravens trade for Derek Anderson for say...a sixth-round draft pick? Same logic if you're looking at it from Baltimore's perspective.

First off, why was including Leigh Bodden in the trade a mistake by Savage? Sure, we'd like to still have Bodden as insurance for our cornerback position, but if you're saying that throwing him in was a mistake, then you're saying the acquiring of Shaun Rogers was a mistake. That deal does not happen if Bodden wasn't shipped to Detroit (barring any further ridiculous throw-in players like Kellen Winslow).

And, we don't have a fifth-round pick next year, so let's go with the fourth-round idea. Let's not have picks in rounds three through five next year, just so we can recover from an alleged "mistake". By the way, the guy that we'd be getting back would...

-Know that we traded him away initially
-Was rumored to have wanted a new contract
-Has battled through injuries heavily the past three years

My thoughts on the suggestion of the deal? It blows in a major way, and on top of that, Detroit wouldn't accept the trade either.