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Joe Jurevicius Has Surgery Again - Season in Question

4314_mediumI think we all had a feeling this was coming, especially if you've been reading some of the "rumors" over at the OBR the past few days. Earlier today, the OBR broke the news that wide receiver Joe Jurevicius had a surgical procedure again late yesterday to clean out his knee.

Shortly after the OBR's story, the official site of the Cleveland Browns released the following:


In the process of his recovery and preparation for the upcoming season, Browns wide receiver Joe Jurevicius has had ongoing swelling and discomfort in his knee. Joe had a further clean out to help him in his recovery and control his symptoms. The procedure was performed late yesterday at the Cleveland Clinic. No determination has been made on Joe's status for training camp, which opens July 23rd.

Here's some more bad news: a fairly reputable poster at the OBR is reporting that a "source" of his believes that Jurevicius will retire because the condition of his knee is much worse than originally thought.

If these rumors are indeed true, it would make a lot more sense as to why the Browns were exploring the option of trading for San Diego Chargers wide receiver Eric Parker. Losing Jurevicius may not seem like a big loss on the surface because we have Donte Stallworth (thank you Phil Savage), but it would definitely raise some questions. Tim Carter was not very good as a third receiver for the Browns last year, and without Jurevicius, the candidates for our slot receiver (not including Kellen Winslow) are Travis Wilson, Kevin Kasper, and Joshua Cribbs.

What's common about all three contenders? None of them are proven.

Ring for Parker?

Please note: Nothing has officially stated that Jurevicius will even miss training camp. However, when he's having another surgery this late into the year, I can't imagine him being ready for the start of the regular season.