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Browns Open Camp Without Stallworth

With it being approximately 4:05 PM at the time of this posting, it seems as though none of the Browns suffered a LeCharles Bentley on the first play of camp for the second year in a row, thankfully.

However, reports have come in from WTAM and the OBR stating that wide receiver Donte Stallworth would not be practicing today due to a hamstring injury. The injury did not occur during practice, but some time before it. There is no word yet on the severity of Stallworth's injury.


Note: This picture was from OTAs, not training camp

I'm guessing Stallworth is out just as a precaution, but if he's not, it'll be all the more reason for the team to sign wide receiver Eric Parker, who was indeed released by the San Diego Chargers today.


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Training camp ends around 5:00 today, so I hope to have a recap of what little went on by 10:00 PM EST tonight. The rain held off during camp today, and it's hard to imagine the conditions from earlier playing too much of a factor.

EDIT: After reading Grossi's rough roster projection (see link collection above), I was kind of perplexed by something in his wide receiver section:

Grossi analysis: "Cribbs is a wildcard. The team can classify him at special teams and keep only two other receivers, depending on the makeup at tight end. Hubbard and Kasper enter as favorites to nail down spots, though Wilson can unseat either. This could be a close call."

After everything we have read thus far from OTAs and minicamps, how in the world are Hubbard and Kasper the favorites over Wilson for a roster spot? Granted, I agree with Grossi that it could be a close call, but wouldn't it seem to make more sense to say that Wilson enters as the favorite after how much the coaches have been praising him?

Remember though, Wilson has struggled during training camp the past two years. We'll see if those woes continue today (if the drills even involve catching the ball today).