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Training Camp Report: Day 1 - Stallworth Sits

I feel like the ESPN announcers who cover the World Series of Poker: "it's Day FIVE of poker immortality at the World Series of Poker...".


Braylon Edwards signs autographs for fans after practice.
Photo credit: Mark Duncan, AP

Instead, it's Day 1 of the Cleveland Browns training camp. Our first preseason game is right around the bend, and in a little over a month, we'll be on cloud nine as we prepare to get hyped for the home opener against the Dallas Cowboys. If you're curious how Day 1 went in 2007 for the Browns, here is a link to it. This year, the atmosphere was rather calm and subdued -- something that is to be expected on the first day. The biggest buzz came from before the gates even opened though...


    Camp72308stallworth_mediumStallworth sat out, but he was still on the sidelines supporting the team and catering to the fans. Photo Credit: Mark Duncan, AP
  1. Stallworth Sits: As reported earlier today, newly acquired wide receiver Donte Stallworth sat out of practice with an injured hamstring. Thankfully, it doesn't seem to be anything serious, per head coach Romeo Crennel:
    "He's a little sore," said Crennel of Stallworth. "When he's ready, he'll be back."
    Stallworth was seen catching passes on the sideline and also participated in the autograph session to close out the afternoon, but he'll be limited for the next few days. If the injury was something to be concerned about, he would've been rehabbing inside somewhere, presumably.
  2. Filling in at WR: Maybe the Plain Dealer's Tony Grossi is on to something. It was veteran Kevin Kasper who primarily filled in for Stallworth on Day 1. Kasper has more NFL experience, but Wilson has more tenure in Cleveland.
  3. Explanation for Wilson: This one is just my own personal theory: if Wilson is to be groomed for the slot, it might have been better to keep him focused on that role as opposed to suddenly shifting up to the No. 2 hole. Kasper, meanwhile, can be plugged wherever the team sees fit.
  4. PUP for Tucker: Right guard Ryan Tucker was placed on the PUP list to begin training camp. If he stays on the list after training camp his over, he'll have to miss the first six weeks of the season. Browns general manager Phil Savage doesn't believe it will come down to that though: he is expected to be activated prior to Week 1.
  5. PUP+6 for Jurevicius: While not officially confirmed until it happens, it looks more and more like Jurevicius will remain on the PUP come Week 1. Savage was not very optimistic when discussing his situation today.
  6. Camp72308crennel_mediumCrennel looks on as the players gear up for the 2008 season.
  7. Individual Drills: Today featured a lot of individual drills, without seeing the first-team offense versus the first-team defense type of setup. Some of that could come tomorrow when the players put the pads on.
  8. Hadnot's the Guy: For the record, Rex Hadnot is getting the crack at the starting right guard position. Seth McKinney will be competing for the job throughout camp.
  9. Practice Cut Short: If you made a long trip up to Berea, I hope you weren't disappointed that practice ended at 4:35, meaning it ended 55 minutes early. Calling it a practice early on Day 1 is typical in the NFL.
  10. Steptoe "Steps" Up: After dropping a lot of punts last season, Steptoe didn't drop a single boot from Dave Zastudil today. Too little too late though -- he needed to do it last year when Joshua Cribbs didn't already have the role locked down.
  11. Rogers Consensus: The consensus is in: fans think Shaun Rogers is HUGE. Isn't that the same thing everyone kept reporting the first time they saw Ted Washington? How about hearing about how the guy performed as opposed to "he's mammoth!"
  12. Edwards & Winslow: Consistent. What else would you expect?
  13. Jerome's Reps: Savage stated that Jerome Harrison deserves more reps after the production he had last season. Sure, he'll get all the reps in the world in camp. However, we won't definitively know how much he can contribute this season until gameday.
  14. Heiden's Back: After missing much of OTAs and minicamps, Steve Heiden is a full-go for training camp! Good to know that the veteran tight end won't be taken out of the mix due to an injury.
  15. Token Note: QB Derek Anderson reportedly looked good on short passes.

Here are the sources that can be credited for a great chunk of the information above:

The Browns will hit the field twice tomorrow -- a morning session and an afternoon session. Be sure to check in to Dawgs By Nature for non-stop coverage of training camp 2008!