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Browns Training Camp Report: Day 2 (Morning)

The Browns hit the field early this morning, as they participated in part one of their first two-a-day sessions. The pads were on and the intensity was higher:


Jamal Lewis is hit hard by Shantee Orr -- a clear sign that the pads are on.


  1. Orr Says Hello: Newly acquired and former Houston Texans linebacker Shantee Orr made an impression today for a hit on running back Jamal Lewis. According to the official site, while Lewis was running, Orr came out of nowhere and delivered a stiff shot (later on, Lewis knocked Orr down after catching a pass). Lewis and Orr began exchanging words, before someone else stepped in...
  2. Shaun Smith Talks the Talk: ...defensive lineman Shaun Smith went on the offensive as a talker, countering Lewis' jawing towards Orr:
    "Shut up. He's trying to make the team!"
    As for his role during practice, Smith began as the nose tackle with the first-team defense, but later on he was playing defensive end with the third-team defense. There's no doubt about it: Smith is our go-to-guy in terms of rotation.
  3. Camp72408jones_mediumThe defense was a little ahead of the offense, something that's often the case early in camp.
  4. D-Lineman as Expected: The opening defensive line included Corey Williams, Shaun Smith, and Robaire Smith. After a few plays, Shaun Rogers took his role at nose tackle. Later on, Rogers, like Smith, was playing right defensive end.
  5. Daily Wilson: Are you ready for the return of the Daily Wilson? It's back, but with a different spin: the news is good! Travis Wilson made a sliding catch in front of defensive back Jereme Perry, reportedly drawing the "applause of the morning" from the crowd. So far, so good.
  6. Hubbard Shaky: While he didn't necessarily have a lot of drops, Paul Hubbard seemed shaky catching balls. Where as other receivers were catching them fluently, Hubbard juggled a few.
  7. Boo for Leggett: Wide receiver Lance Leggett didn't get a great review in my training camp preview, and he's not off to a great start. His route running was not crisp, and the coaches called him out on it on at least one occasion.
  8. Cribbs New Package?: Our favorite special teams / trick player may have had one of his packages leaked today: the quick, short game. The Browns ran quite a few quick, short passing plays utilizing Cribbs.
  9. Grossi Man-Crush: I've got Jerome Harrison taken, but Grossi has Travis Thomas:
    There's something about No. 34 I like. That's Travis Thomas, the undrafted running back from Notre Dame. He runs hard and when linebackers hit him, they get pushed back.
    Thomas will be battling with running back Austin Scott for a shot on the practice squad. Harrison, by the way, showed nice speed in the open field, as usual.
  10. Cribbs Could Play CB: Props to Grossi for asking head coach Romeo Crennel whether or not Cribbs could play cornerback at some point, a la Troy Brown of the New England Patriots. Crennel stated that it was actually a possibility due to Cribbs' athletic ability, but that there'd also have to be an emergency situation.
  11. Peter King Attends: While Sports Illustrated's Peter King has his "haters", I still enjoy his pieces, especially about the Browns. Last year, he was one of the first people to project an emergence of Jamal Lewis after seeing him in camp (although to be fair, I believe he criticized our quarterback situation).

    This year, King's first praise was for Shaun Rogers.
    After morning practice today, I told him I was impressed at how he continually broke free of scrums at the line of scrimmage to sprint after the ballcarriers downfield. "If that's all it takes to make you happy,'' he told me, "I know I can do that.'' The Browns are pretty happy with him so far.
    Keep our expectations high, Rogers.
  12. Camp72408kasper_mediumYesterday, Tony Grossi was on the Kasper bandwagon. Today, Peter King is on it. Suddenly, his chances of making the team seem higher.
  13. King Likes Kasper Too: After Grossi gave his support to Kasper yesterday, King did the same today. King believes that Kevin Kasper would be the team's third receiver if the team started today, but that Travis Wilson is close behind him.
  14. Alex Hall = Kamerion Wimbley: In another nugget from King, he stated that the organization loves Hall and believes that he'll some day have the same skill level as Wimbley. I guess that just about locks up his roster spot, eh?
  15. Wired Helmets: This year, a defensive player will be able to wear a wire in their helmet much like a quarterback has had on the offensive side of the ball. The OBR reports that the two candidates to wear it at this point are Andra Davis and Leon Williams -- the middle linebackers.
  16. Sowells Promotion: Seldom-used offensive lineman Isaac Sowells has moved from second-string right tackle to second-string left tackle, according to the OBR.
  17. McDonald Focused: Defensive back Brandon McDonald is focused, looking sharp at his cornerback position already.
  18. Shea Attends: Former Browns tight end Aaron Shea was in attedence. Shea, who retired about a month ago, will try to remain in the Cleveland area.

There is one final note -- something that had to wait until the end to mention to distinguish it from the rest of the notes. For the first time in 21 months, Gary Baxter practiced with the team. The success story lives on, as Baxter no doubt will be an inspiration to anybody who is told "no".

Like John Locke from LOST..."Don't tell me what I can't do!"

Sorry non-LOST fans; I just had to get that one in there. The evening practice recap will be up either late tonight or tomorrow morning.

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