Join Official Dawgs By Nature Fantasy Football League

Are you a die-hard fantasy football fan? Do you want to play against your favorite SB Nation blogger (in this case, me)? Then register for Dawgs By Nature's official fantasy football league:


PLEASE NOTE: There are only 12 spots open for the league. Just because you sign up does not mean you will automatically be in the league. On July 31st, a random draw will be held amongst the members who signed up, and then we'll know who is in the league.

Please keep in mind -- I am taking up one of the roster spots, and there were several long-time posters who received special invites to the league to bypass the random draw (the emails were sent yesterday to your SB Nation email -- if you didn't get one, you'll need to try the random drawing).

I always finish in the top two-three teams during the regular season of leagues that I play in. If you think you can take me down, I dare you to try.

IF YOU REGISTER ABOVE: I would appreciate if you could leave a post here letting me know that you attempted to sign up. I'm trying to keep a rough running tally of people that try to sign up, in the rare off chance that I may not reach 12 members.

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