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Browns Training Camp Report: Day 2 (Evening)

You couldn't ask for better weather than we're having right now, which surely has to make a lot of the Browns players happy (as well as the fans in attendance). Sooner than later though, it's going to get hot -- something that supposedly helps condition players for those conditions at a later date. Hmm.

Before I get to my recap, I highly recommend that you check out ATENEARS training camp post over at His recap was outstanding for the evening session -- and he even got a rather stalkerish closeup shot of the Plain Dealer's Mary Kay Cabot.


  1. Slower Pace: The pace of the evening practice was dramatically slower than the morning's. With it being the first two-a-day, it's not a surprise to hear that. None of the players wore pads in the night-cap either, meaning no Shantee Orr / Jamal Lewis encores just yet.
  2. Anderson Has Two Picks: You won't see me going emo over this note, but still worth mentioning. Quarterback Derek Anderson was reportedly picked off twice (details below).
  3. First Pick (Davis): Not Andra Davis, but the rookie, A.J. Davis. A.J. Davis intercepted a deep ball intended for Braylon Edwards. After the play, Edwards threw Davis to the ground. That drew the attention of Nick Sorensen, who then came in and shoved Edwards.
  4. Second Pick (McDonald): During team drills, Brandon McDonald intercepted an Anderson pass off of a fleaflicker. The pass was reportedly underthrown and intended for Edwards. Beyond that, McDonald was a standout amongst the players in the secondary.
  5. QB Discussion: I really didn't mention anything about the quarterbacks this morning. In the evening, Anderson had both shaky passes and perfectly zipped passes. Quinn seemed to work on routes underneath and did well, but stayed away from going deep.
  6. Cribbs' Tricks: The team practiced at least 2-3 trick plays for Cribbs on offense, including a nice pass deep that Travis Wilson couldn't come up with. If they're practicing this many plays with Cribbs in just the second day (both morning and evening sessions), that has to be a tell of what's to come this season, right?
  7. Cribbs' Troubles: Reportedly, Cribbs actually struggled quite a bit on punt returns, almost reverting back to his issues from two seasons ago. Hopefully that's just some heavy rust that wears away soon.
  8. Kasper & Wilson: In the absence of Donte Stallworth and Joe Jurevicius, Kevin Kasper and Travis Wilson were interchanging the No. 2 receiver role. However, Kasper may still have the edge in terms of reps at that spot right now.
  9. Other Receivers: The next two receivers getting in on the action seemed to be Syndric Steptoe and Paul Hubbard. Steptoe drew cheers after making a catch while on his backside following a fall. Hubbard reportedly looked "good" catching a few balls in traffic.
  10. Opps!: The reliable (and Pro Bowler) Ryan Pontbriand sent a snap over the head of Dave Zastudil.
  11. Biggest Misconception: I've said this on Dawgs By Nature before: it's Shaun Rogers, and NOT Shaun Rodgers. I know the mistake is tempting to make; I've done it myself a few times. However, it's still a nuisance to see so many people making the typo.
  12. Mil'von Time: Besides A.J. Davis having a good practice, Mil'von James wasn't too bad either. Both of them could end up making the final roster if Jereme Perry doesn't impress.
  13. Injury Updates: So far, so good. Steve Heiden remained on the field and looks 100%. Fellow tight end Kellen Winslow doesn't seem to have any lingering effects and is catching balls very well. Donte Stallworth didn't practice, but was doing wind sprints on the sideline. Jason Wright sat out of the evening practice with an unspecified injury, but he was riding the bike and it didn't seem to be anything serious.

A brief note here before I sign off for the night: Mary Kay Cabot of the Plain Dealer has an article up on Kellen Winslow's contract situation. Here's the part that tickled me:

The Browns will probably re-work Winslow's deal after they extend safety Sean Jones, who's up after this season, and receiver Braylon Edwards, up after next year.

Now, let me quote something that I said this past Sunday:

Personally, I would imagine that Jones would have to be higher on our priority list than Winslow, right? Arguably the best member of our secondary, whether he's Pro Bowl caliber or not, cannot be lost.

I should be a weatherman. Or not. Here are your training camp sources for the nightcap:

The Browns have one session Friday, from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM. Remember, if you haven't done so already, you can print off our DBN Training Camp Schedule 2008. Feel free to print off as many as you can and hand them out at camp too ;) Friday's temperature is expected to be partly sunny, 84 degrees, with 10 mph wind.