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Browns Training Camp Report: Day 5 - Video Link

I know a lot of you out-of-towners love to read these training camp reports here on Dawgs By Nature. Thanks to sfanscott over at the Munilot (OBR Blogs), you can view a three-minute video from today's practice session! The first two minutes or so are some basic agility type drills, but after that you get to see the offense in action.

Sunday's practice was a little light compared to the past couple of days. We're under a week away from the team's practice at Cleveland Browns Stadium, meaning the excitement continues to build day-by-day.


  1. First and Foremost: There were no pads today in practice, which you should've surmised if you watched the video above.
  2. Names to Faces: So that you can better know the names to the faces (or jersey numbers) in the offensive plays above, I'll go through each play below.
  3. Play 1 (Quinn to Hill): QB Brady Quinn fired a quick slant route to WR Efrem Hill -- a player he seems to have chemistry with. The strange thing is that he was being covered by No. 28 on the play -- however, I cannot find that jersey number anywhere, even on the team's official site. If anyone can identify this player, let me know.
  4. Play 2 (Quinn to Hubbard): QB Brady Quinn threw a pass over the middle that rookie WR Paul Hubbard dove to the ground to bring in. It was a nice play, but reportedly Hubbard still failed to stand out amongst the crowd. The primary defender on the play was rookie DB Mil'von James. You can also see rookie LB Alex Hall with a pretty decent pass rush coming off the right side of the defense.
  5. Play 3 (Anderson to Winslow): This was a thing of beauty; at least if you're dying for Browns football. QB Derek Anderson stepped back and zipped a pass down the right sideline to TE Kellen Winslow with two defenders chasing him. The defenders on the play were LB Leon Williams and S Sean Jones. Presumably, after the play, Winslow and Williams exchanged words with a little head shoving mixed in too (though that could have been later, depending on how the video was spliced).
  6. Camp72708andersonsteptoe_mediumQB Derek Anderson plays around with second-year WR Syndric Steptoe at practice. Anderson has looked well enough in camp to put aside any threat of Brady Quinn taking over the position.
    Photo Credit: Official Site.
  7. Play 4 (Winslow Reception): The QB was not identifiable on this play. After a few quick nifty jukes, TE Kellen Winslow caught a pass to his right with LB Kris Griffin covering him.
  8. Players Absent: The following players missed practice due to bumps and bruises, according to the official site: TE Steve Heiden (knee), DE Corey Williams (shoulder), OG Seth McKinney (ankle), FB Lawrence Vickers (hamstring), WR Kevin Kasper (hamstring) and OL Marvin Philip (back).
  9. Wright Way: After missing several consecutive practices, RB Jason Wright returned to practice, but only for individual drills. WR Donte Stallworth also continued working on individual drills.
  10. Edwards is Too Good: You won't hear a negative thing about Braylon Edwards at any of these sessions it seems. The guy is a natural receiver -- other receivers in this league would kill to be able to make things look so easy.
  11. Anderson Still Ahead: If this were a quarterback competition, which it's not, Derek Anderson would be far ahead of Brady Quinn. Anderson still has some things to work on, but he looks like the reigning starting quarterback of this team while Quinn continues to try and find his accuracy.
  12. After Practice: When the session was over, Quinn was getting some extra work in with WR Steve Sanders. I'm sure many fans can't wait to see the local product (Sanders) in another preseason game at the very least.
  13. Punt it Up: No complaints in camp yet about Dave Zastudil, who is booming his punts well. We don't want to see Paul Ernster again.
  14. Unrelated: In unrelated camp news, the New England Patriots signed former Browns practice squad offensive lineman Pete McMahon today.

If you loved seeing the video at the top of this post, sfanscott also posted two more videos on Sunday: one from the Day 4 Evening Practice, and the other from a Day 2 Practice Session.

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The Browns hit the field twice again on Monday -- once for a morning session and once for an evening session. As always, don't forget to take my training camp pocket schedule with you when you go to Berea! I'm sure you'd hate to forget what time practice started, eh? You can keep the thing handy in your wallet 24/7.