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Browns Training Camp Report: Day 6 (Morning & Evening)

What's your favorite team in the National Football League? The one that makes you proud to bleed orange and brown? They are the Cleveland Browns of course. Our troops took the field for two practice sessions again today, so let's get right into it:

(BTW, thanks to OBR Forums user Buckeye2k7 who uploaded four videos of camp from Monday's morning session! The links are listed below...I am embedding the second video link for quick access.)

Video Link 1
Video Link 2
Video Link 3
Video Link 4


    Camp72808thomaswimbley_mediumJoe Thomas has been taking on everybody in camp -- even pass rushing specialist Kamerion Wimbley. Credit: Official Site
  1. Steinbach Losing Battles: The veteran left guard isn't struggling by any means. When it comes to defending Shaun Rogers though, Eric Steinbach just can't seem to find an edge. In a one-on-one drill Rogers just dominated him -- so much that he could've easily put him on his back.
  2. Thomas a Mauler: In the same drill, according to the Plain Dealer's Tony Grossi, Joe Thomas manhandled a rushing David McMillian. Imagine if you, assuming you're not in football shape, tried to actually beat Thomas. That's what Thomas did to McMillian -- except McMillian actually has NFL-quality talent.
  3. Rookie Alert: Two rookies have caught the attention of head coach Romeo Crennel -- running back Travis Thomas and linebacker Alex Hall. In sharp contrast, we haven't heard much about linebacker Beau Bell, tight end Martin Rucker.
  4. Edwards Somewhat Down: If ever there was a day that Braylon Edwards "struggled" in camp, it would've been during the morning practice. Edwards leapt up in the air on a deep pass from Derek Anderson, but cornerback Brandon McDonald made a fundamentally sound play by trying to jar the ball loose as Edwards came down, compensating for the size difference. The ball indeed came loose.
    Camp72808edwardsmcdonald_mediumBraylon Edwards has the ball knocked free from him after a nice play by defensive back Brandon McDonald. Credit: Official Site

    On another play, Edwards dropped a deep pass after he had beat defensive backs Terry Cousin and Mike Adams.
  5. Speaking Of Which: The reports on Terry Cousin have not been great thus far. Let's hope that he isn't this year's Ralph Brown or Kenny Wright (in terms of player quality).
  6. Grossi Likes Leggett: Grossi commented on how wide receiver Lance Leggett has been making some nice catches in camp, including during the morning session. Leggett was another player who I gave zero credit to in my training camp preview.
  7. Daily Wilson: According to the official site, Brady Quinn threw a fade touchdown to receiver Travis Wilson after Wilson had beaten his man. With Kevin Kasper missing a couple of practices, you'd have to imagine that Wilson has a slight edge over him with a strong camp thus far.
  8. Rubin With a Drive: deep right center...opps, wrong sport. Rookie defensive tackle Ahtyba Rubin showed some nice drive today, pushing back center Hank Fraley on at least one occasion. Still, the roster odds are not necessarily in his favor, meaning he still has a lot to show us.
  9. Leonard Beating Hadnot: According to one fan's report, defensive lineman Louis Leonard beat offensive guard Rex Hadnot pretty badly twice in a row. Hadnot was looked down upon more so than Leonard was praised.
  10. Anderson Again: It's not even close, folks. Derek Anderson continued to display his improved touch on short passes
  11. Injury Updates: WR Kevin Kasper and DL Corey Williams did not participate. TE Steve Heiden and RB Jason Wright were limited in their activity.


    Camp72808quinn_mediumBrady Quinn's lackluster effort in camp may not mean much right now, but it will if it continues -- we need him if anything happens to Derek Anderson. Credit: Official Site
  1. New Quarterback: We didn't add anybody to the roster, but apparently there is a new quarterback in camp. The Browns ran a play in which the ball was tossed to Jamal Lewis, who then ran right before rainbowing a pass to a wide open Kellen Winslow for a touchdown. Yep...just don't try that during a game Chud unless you're certain it'll work.
  2. Sowells a Mess: Things aren't looking good performance-wise for Isaac Sowells, who was getting beat left and right during practice, whether it was against starters or backups. Luckily for him, backup tackle is our thinnest spot on the offensive line.
  3. Zone Problems: While he was very consistent in practice again, we have to nitpick here: during red zone drills, Derek Anderson threw a bad interception to Andra Davis. Those type of plays killed us last year against the Oakland Raiders and the Cincinnati Bengals (part 2). Again though -- his short game continues to look impressive.
  4. Quinn to Harrison: While Brady Quinn continues to look unsure of himself, how about we highlight something positive for once? Running back Jerome Harrison ran a wheel-like route, and Quinn hit him in stride for six.
  5. Sanders Again: The most news that Steve Sanders is making is that he's staying after camp playing catch with Quinn. They did it again for awhile after the evening session.

Here is your link collection of sources for much of the information above:

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The Browns will hit the field for one afternoon practice session on Tuesday.