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Notes on Sirius Radio at Cleveland Browns Camp

Sirius NFL Radio is at Cleveland Browns camp in Berea today, broadcasting their show on Channel 124 from 3:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. I will be updating this post with play by play as best as I can with what is being discussed, so come back often and feel free to chime in.

NOTE: Over at the OBR, user medwards2 is posting links to the audio from the show. I haven't tested, but I doubt it wouldn't work:

Hour 1 Audio: Romeo Interview | Winslow Interview
Hour 2 Audio: Link
Hour 3 Audio: Link
Hour 4 Audio: Link

I will try to highlight more interesting tidbits in blue color.

3:00 PM-3:10 PM (Introduction)

  • The football team looks good -- very impressed with the depth of the defensive line and the offensive line.
  • Shaun Rogers looks so good, that they imagine Crennel has to be thinking he has the edge on the Steelers.
  • The corners aren't good enough, so the four-man pressure needs to get to the quarterback quickly, which we have the talent to do.
  • There were a lot of cover-4 calls, meaning your outside linebackers have to be very versatile. Now, you become a three-man rush team.
  • They project Willie McGinest or Antwan Peek to thrive on pass rushing because Corey Williams will anchor his side very well.
  • Athyba Rubin looks like a 3-4 player. He's shorter but is stout and can strike the offensive linemen well.
  • Offensive tackle James Lee is a big-time steal; someone that looks like he should've gone in round two or three.
  • They can't remember seeing an offensive line blocking so well this early in camp.
  • Interview with Romeo Crennel is coming up soon.

3:15 PM-3:20 PM (More Random Camp Thoughts)

  • Impressed with how much time Derek Anderson has spent with Donte Stallworth.
  • There's no chance Brady Quinn is a threat to take the starting role at this point.
  • Braylon Edwards' athleticism is amazing, Winslow is working hard as well, team still waiting on Joe Jurevicius.
  • Thoughts on third receiver: Kevin Kasper a journeyman, but he has some special traits. You can't overwork Joshua Cribbs. They like the prospect of having Martin Rucker come in the game and putting Winslow as the third receiver.
  • Sean Jones and Brodney Pool have the skills to lock down opposing teams' tight ends in the division.
  • Beau Bell trying to fight his way in the mix, but Davis, Williams, and DQ are the top three.

3:21 PM-3:30 PM (Crennel Interview - Defense)

  • Interview with Crennel underway...everything below will sum up what he's saying.
  • Reminds the team every chance he gets how they missed the playoffs last season and that it's a goal to make it this year.
  • Shaun Rogers has jumped right into the team attitude, and the benefit in Cleveland is that all the pressure isn't on his shoulders as it was in Detroit.
  • Corey Williams is good physically, and his ability to separate from blocks is special. Crennel is very excited about putting these guys on the field.
  • Regarding Rubin, he's doing "pretty decent". He may be one of the strongest guys out there, but he's still learning the system.
  • Andra Davis and DQ are the two inside starters. Leon Williams is not too far behind them though. Leon will spell them both to keep everyone fresh.
  • Brandon McDonald is a pretty special player -- they mention the play where he broke up a play with Edwards the other day.
  • Terry Cousin is the nickelback right now. He's comfortable with the range of safeties.
  • The depth in the back beyond he nickelback is not nearly as good as the rest of the team's depth. However, the starters are good enough to win...Pool's versatility at corner and safety helps him understand the game better.
  • Wimbley and Peek are our main edge rush guys. Alex Hall has some ability -- Crennel specifically says "look out for him" in the preseason. Confident that Shaun Smith and Shaun Rogers will get more push inside to help the outside rushers.

3:30 PM-3:36 PM (Crennel Interview - Offense)

  • The interview with Crennel continues -- now talking offense.
  • The offensive line has quickly made progress to defend our defensive line.
  • How does Joe Thomas do it? He added some more weight, but the impressive thing is his feet. He's a Pro Bowler for a reason.
  • Hosts ask about James Lee. Crennel says his size and his feet are impressive, but there are still areas he needs to improve on.
  • Third receiver: who is it? Kasper has a hamstring right now, and he might end up being that guy. Quickness in the slot -- they just need to get him back on the field. He made no mention of anyone else.
  • Anderson is more confident now that he knows his role with the team is safe. It's great to have two good quarterbacks.
  • What about Rucker and Winslow on the field? Rucker has tremendous hands.
  • Who is behind Jamal Lewis? He mentions Jason Wright as the player behind him and labels Jerome Harrison as the third down back. Also though, Jason has proven he can carry the load if needed.
  • Notes on the media hype for the team this year and the challenging schedule to start off. Jokes that he's still on the hot seat, hosts thank him for the interview and commercial hits.
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3:40 PM-3:45 PM (Winslow Interview)

  • Interview with Kellen Winslow is underway. He seems to be talking vague, so I won't recap everything he says (i.e. when asked about the secondary, he basically just named every starting cornerback). Everything below, until the next clock in, sums up what Winslow says.
  • Shotgun empty formation was seen today. They asked him about who the third receiver could be: "could be me, Stallworth, a young guy, or even a fullback."
  • Brandon McDonald was an absolute steal for the round we got him.
  • Cribbs is a talent -- "the flash". They have a special package just for him.
  • Rucker is doing well: it's hard to come in as a rookie and just know everything. He's still working things out.
  • Team goals: if they can win the division, he thinks they have a good shot at making the Super Bowl. Says the AFC North is one of the toughest divisions in football [Chris' note: highlight doubt that now].
  • Interview with Winslow over, commercial hits.

3:50 PM-3:57 PM (Brett Favre WTF?)

  • Starting some phone calls now soon, first though it's Toddy O talking about the QB situation again. Quinn is practicing short dump off passes; no real confident in his deep ball. Anderson is comfortable going all out.
  • Until Jurevicius comes back, who is the third guy at WR? They'll sprinkle in Cribbs. Kasper is a journeyman. However, Toddy O says that the guy that needs to come out is Travis Wilson. He's had a really good camp so far, so he thinks he might be the guy.
  • They get a Brett Favre mention in.
  • They've been talking about Favre for about two minutes now; come on guys, take the damn phone call already!
  • Now they took a phone call from someone talking about the Favre situation!?! Ugh...
  • Now they are talking about Charles Woodson of the Packers...
  • Finally done with Packer stuff as they head to break and the end of hour number one. After the break, phone calls from Browns fans and an interview with Derek Anderson.

4:02 PM-4:10 PM (Anderson Interview)

  • Played a few nice Jim Donovan clips from announcing games last year. Derek Anderson now a guest.
  • Where's your head this year compared to last year: just trying to gain overall team confidence right now. Trying to accelerate Stallworth's learning as quick as possible. They've been working together a little extra to make sure they are on the same page.
  • In the huddle, no one ever complains.
  • A lot of shotgun spread no back?: DA says its possible; a lot of opportunities.
  • Third wideout candidates. Kasper was doing great before his hammy. Cribbs is scary in the open field. Wilson has had a good camp too.
  • One of DA's best friends was with Shaun Rogers in Detroit. His friend said that Rogers is one of the most athletic big guys he's ever seen.
  • He dances around the depth at corner situation, much like everyone else.
  • Phone calls starting now...I won't get as detailed with this stuff.
  • P.S. I typed out a lot more stuff with Anderson's interview, but a damn bug happened and I lost it. I will try to recall some of it and edit it in.

4:15 PM-4:20 PM (Quick Phone Calls)

  • Amidst Phone Call Discussion:
  • Beau Bell isn't envisioned to be in the mix yet -- he can wait. However, it makes it better or us because when we lose one of our top three guys, we can replace him ASAP.
  • Ok, what douche call screener just allowed a Packers guy in?
  • Couldn't understand what the hell the final caller was talking about.
  • Commercial break...on the other side of the break, we'll hear from Donte Stallworth and Joshua Cribbs.

4:23 PM-4:30 PM (Cribbs Interview)

  • Cribbs is being interviewed now. Anderson is put at WR at some plays with Cribbs at QB. Jokes about how they tell DA to stay out of the way, but he tries to block.
  • Again, they ask about the third receiver. He mentions Kevin Kasper first, like everyone else has. He mentions himself as a candidate after awhile of thinking [Chris' note: he knows he's not a candidate].
  • They ask him about cornerback too, specifically McDonald. He's smart, had some good plays last season, and has put himself in a great position this camp.
  • Reaction when Rogers and Williams arrived to the team: "it looks like Ted Washington was split in half". That one made me chuckle a little...
  • Asked about the younger returners; what's the key? Cribbs says its not about dancing around -- its about getting through the wedge as fast as you can. You don't have to rely on blockers to block people, just redirect them for a second. Cribbs getting excited talking about it -- he says he just visualizes it.
  • Jokes about how his stats aren't good enough on Madden.
  • He says the most important thing is watching the people who block for him on special teams. He is involved with the coaching staff about who he likes blocking for him. An example: without Simon Fraser, he said the team needed to go out and find someone with similar abilities on special teams.
  • Cribbs interview over; back to commercial. Cribbs is a funny guy -- I can imagine him being very likable in the locker room.

4:36 PM-4:46 PM (Stallworth Interview)

  • Interview with Donte Stallworth now.
  • How's the change of scenery? Good...similar climate as New England. He liked DA's arm -- looking forward to being able to stretching the field.
  • Where does DA compare to Brady, McNabb, and Brooks (other QBs he played with)? He says Anderson is the youngest he's played with, and has a huge arm. Basically avoided the question, as expected.
  • Coaches told him they wanted someone to catch screens and make plays after the catch -- he believes that's why he's in Cleveland, with the deep ball mixed in here and there.
  • Eric Wright and McDonald are young and have been working really hard. He's been talking a little trash to them every now and then just for kicks -- getting them ready for what other teams will say.
  • They called for a motion this morning, someone did something wrong, so he went airborn after he had to try and block someone -- they had a laugh over it.
  • Regarding the hammy troubles he has had: genetically, he has to do a lot of things to make sure he's stretched really well before practice. During the offseason, he needs to keep in shape extra. Keeping the body right is a full-time job; a lot of hard work is put into it all year long in order to make it in this league.
  • He says that the Patriots were in prime time a lot last season; he's used to it.
  • Why doesn't Aaron Brooks have a job in pro football: Stallworth doesn't know, but believes it's a "what have you done for a team lately?"
  • Interview with Stallworth is over; some more phone calls coming up on the other side of the commercial break. Place your bets on the Brett Favre mentions, too.

4:50 PM-4:58 PM (Phone Calls 2)

  • Back on the phone calls. I know a lot of these calls will ask questions about stuff already talked about; if that's the case I'm not going to bother noting it down. If I hear any different spin put on by the hosts, I'll mention it.
  • They believe it's a misconception that Rogers and Williams are just there to eat the blockers: they are there to get after the quarterback.
  • They started talking about the Packers again now for about five minutes. Meh...
  • Commercial; that segment was practically a waste. Joe Thomas and Phil Savage some time after the break.
  • My own personal note: I will be opening my $250 prize pool PFC Pick'em contest either tomorrow or Friday, in all likelihood. There's no catch to enter; first place gets $150 at the end of the season. The reason for the delay in starting it this year is because I wrote the script myself; trying to fine tune it. The preseason will act as a beta stage to hopefully work out any bugs.

5:03 PM-5:18 PM (Phone Calls 3)

  • Hour number three is underway. The increased number of prime time games. They say that the young guys typically forget 25-30% of their gameplan because they are so much in awe of the atmosphere.
  • Monday games hurt young players with one less day of preparation for the next week. The schedule is so brutal and the prime time games are so plentiful, that we could have a much better football team and yet finish with less wins -- like with nine wins.
  • It looks like the team has great chemistry. Away from the facility, everyone chills with each other. Chemistry on/off the field is important. Last year, a lot more players were worn and already at half-a-days.
  • Alex Hall didn't look great in the pass rush earlier, but nobody did against our offensive line. He can be physical with the tight ends. They say that Hall should make the team -- he saw Crennel "wink" at him when Hall did something good.
  • Sean Jones is "terrific", Brodney Pool is "fine".
  • Hosts say that fans on message boards who say Quinn has looked bad in camp thus far don't know what they are talking about. Caller explains a little more, and hosts analyze that Quinn didn't transfer his weight properly. Overall though, they seem to really like how he's been playing [though Anderson is still favored]. Sorry, I have to give a little dig to the announcers here: when a ton of fans and the media say Quinn has been struggling a little, don't say nobody has been truly paying attention to what is really going on.
  • Commercial break...I'd imagine either the Thomas or Savage interview will be up next.

5:20 PM-5:27 PM (Thomas Interview)

  • Joe Thomas now being interviewed. He feels better this offseason; worked more on strength in the offseason and put on a little more weight.
  • They mention a guy they like behind him, and Thomas knows they are referring to James Lee. Says he's been doing well.
  • Thomas says the Walter Jones' and Ogden's make it look easy -- his goal and what he's striving for. The key is having balance at left tackle.
  • Pass rushers he'll have to deal with: Terrell Suggs in Baltimore, Odom in Cincy, James Harrison in Pittsburgh.
  • Hosts ask if people tried to challenge him with a bull rush in year one; he says yes, but that was to be expected.
  • On defense, Wimbley is a great athlete. Wimbley has worked on inside moves; he thinks he'll have a great year. Inside move is a must, because good tackles will just push you around the outside if you go that route as a defender.
  • Anderson's confidence in the huddle in camp is a huge contrast to last year when there was indecisiveness. It's a great feeling in the huddle.
  • Jamal looks so much better -- he had a great year last year, and he doesn't know how he did it, but he looks in even greater shape.
  • Expectations for the season: we'll have a big year; the sky is the limit for this team and he thinks they'll do better than a year ago. The interview is over with that, more phone calls coming after the break.

5:32 PM-5:43 PM (Phone Calls 4)

  • Phone calls again...same deal as before in regard to what I'll type out. Of course, the first caller is allowed to talk about Ted Thompson and the Packers. They talked about this for roughly five minutes.
  • Announcers love how good Jamal Lewis looks. They think it'd be an understatement to say that he'll get 1,200 yards this year.
  • The hosts today are visiting the Steelers tomorrow -- they say they'll try to make a fair comparison between the two teams at some point.
  • Buffalo, New Orleans, and San Francisco are looked at as teams worthy of acquiring a cornerback from. It'll take a trade to get someone of quality though, if it comes down to that. You aren't going to find a third-fourth guy on the waiver wire. Commercial break again.

5:46 PM-5:57 PM (Phone Calls 5)

  • First few minutes is general NFL news now...Quinn Pitcock retiring after one year, first-round draft picks signing, etc.
  • Caller asks what the team should do if Quinn says "play me, or trade me" next year. Hosts say the Browns should reply "you shouldn't have held out in your rookie year".
  • Willie McGinest, D'Qwell Jackson, and Eric Wright will be interviewed soon.
  • Two straight non-Browns calls -- one about the Panthers, and the other about Edgerrin James. BOO-urns. BOO-urns! Commercial break now; final hour coming up!

6:02 PM-6:13 PM (McGinest Interview)

  • Willie McGinest is being interviewed now.
  • Last year, his role was to mentor the young guys. This year, with team expectations being higher, it's more about focusing on the gameplan. The depth will allow him to stay fresh in rotation.
  • We have a good, aggressive young group at the secondary -- only referring to the starters though, not he depth.
  • McGinest says that he doesn't think Rucker knows how good he can be. He compares him to Winslow, except a little bigger. The offense moves and motions a lot, which makes it tough for a defense.
  • They bring up James Lee again -- McGinest says that he's strong and that he has that "it" and mean-streak about him. McGinest said he told the coaches yesterday that Lee is "going to be all right".
  • Compares Joe Thomas to a young Tony Boselli. Thomas uses his hands well and understands what the offense is trying to do. Praises his patience -- says it's the most important thing mentally for a lineman.
  • Hosts ask about the defensive playbook that Crennel / McGinest are familiar with that hasn't been introduced to the team yet. Willie says that Crennel doesn't want to throw it at the team at once, but he's working individual plays in slowly.
  • The style of Mel Tucker: a lot of people gravitate to him. He understands the guys as players. He's assigning people to the proper roles, communicating effectively, and making sure that everyone is accountable. It's a breath of fresh air having Tucker coaching [Chris' note: dig at Grantham].

6:14 PM-6:24 PM (D.Q. Interview)

  • No commercial break...just straight into interviewing D'Qwell Jackson now.
  • It feels like night and day with the defensive line compared to the past. Offensive lines have to respect Shaun Rogers and double team him, creating a lot more opportunities for the inside linebackers to make a play on the ball carrier.
  • The playbook has some plays now where people can drop back and only three guys rush because they do feel so comfortable with the d-line.
  • Everyone in the locker room knows that Lewis takes care of his body well. The defense knows that if they can do better this year and get the offense the ball more often, that'll allow Lewis to shine more too.
  • Vickers is a versatile fullback -- works well with Lewis.
  • Steinbach isn't as heavy as a lot of lineman, but he knows how to use his body and he understands the game.
  • Jokes about Hank Fraley reminding them of Humpty Dumpty, but he moves really well.
  • Geez...why do they ask everyone about Martin Rucker and not Beau Bell at all? I feel like I've typed the same stuff over and over.
  • Jackson mentions Leon Williams and Kris Griffin as the backup inside linebackers. Willie Mac is the ultimate pro, and having him around keeps the team in check from a leadership standpoint.
  • Anderson knows how to be deceptive. DQ says he will read Anderson's eyes, only to see him throw it somewhere completely different. Quinn has worked more on checkdowns...difference between the quarterbacks is that Anderson gunslings more.
  • Last night, Jackson read Anderson's eyes and the ball was thrown right above his head. However, since Anderson has been well at deceiving defenders AND can throw the ball so fast, it went for a good play down in the red zone rather than a pick.
  • Hmmm...very interesting, I thought Jackson was a very good interview. He seemed to be the most open about discussing specifics rather than a general scope. Props to him for that. Commercial break.

6:27 PM-6:32 PM (E. Wright Interview)

  • Wright seems a little more uncomfortable in his interview -- nothing awkward, just a comparison.
  • They ask about McDonald. I love how they ask our higher-cornerback draft pick from a year ago about our lower draft pick.
  • Mentions Mike Adams and Terry Cousin as the primary guys coming in at nickel.
  • What if Chad Johnson talks trash? Wright can go either way -- trash talk back or not. They get it a lot in practice, but his reaction usually just depends on how he feels that day.
  • They ask about the third receiver again. They ask how Cribbs is as a route runner: they say it's improved tremendously. He can imagine him catching a hitch pass and taking it 90 yards for a score.
  • Mel Tucker is a great motivator and inspiration. Last year, he talked to him a lot and got him prepared for an NFL career, jumping in as a starter right away. That ends the interview; about a half hour left.

6:38 PM-6:51 PM (Crennel Replay)

  • They started re-playing the Crennel interview right after break. Not too sure if they'll be coming back with any fresh content or not. It lasted about 15 minutes the first time, meaning it would go again until around 6:53 PM. So, if I don't update again, that'll be the reason why.
  • Commercial break...I imagine they'll come back with some closing notes and a goodbye.

6:54 PM-7:00 PM (Conclusion)

  • Anderson was terrific in practice today. Will there be a short hook for DA, considering the tough schedule? It's not expected at all: this is Anderson's team, bad start or not.
  • The Browns looked like the best team they've visited so far. After talking with the players today, they are even more impressed with the team than they were this morning.
  • They thank the Browns organization for the tremendous access they were given. They thank the players and coaches interviewed, and finally close out the show without a Brett Favre mention. Bonus points.

Well, that was tiring. Now I get to take a little break; please feel free to chat up anything discussed here. I know it's not like any "insider" information was revealed, but I'm sure it was an entertaining read nonetheless.

The biggest "out-of-no-where" thing of the day though? Offensive tackle James Lee. Maybe Isaac Sowells' spot on the team isn't such a lock after all if this kid is as impressive as everyone made it sound.

BTW, this is a rare, strict "notes" post, meaning I'm not going to go through and proofread everything I just did. So, if you found some unusual grammar, try not to take it as unprofessional.