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Official Cleveland Browns Training Camp Schedule Released

(THURSDAY UPDATE) PLEASE NOTE: The Browns announced some corrections to their schedule, which can be seen in the official website link just below this. I have now updated my training camp image schedule too, so print it off again if you printed one with the old times.

The Cleveland Browns finally released their training camp schedule today, allowing fans to make preparations for their annual summer trips up to Berea. The first public session takes place July 23. Family fun night will be on August 1 at Cleveland Browns Stadium.

I have created a special Dawgs By Nature printable schedule for you to put in your wallet, hang on your refrigerator, or keep in your glove compartment. If you're ever in Berea, it'll be nice to have this handy schedule with you:


Please click on the image, or this link, to view the image in full resolution. After you print the image, you will need to cut it out and fold along the lines appropriately. Also, please note that I only test printed this in greyscale, so if somebody can tell me how it looks when they print it in color, I'd appreciate it.

If you enjoy this schedule, print out multiple copies of them and hand them out to your friends, co-workers, and family members! This would help spread the word about Dawgs By Nature tremendously, and bring some more activity as the season gets underway (also feel free to share this image at other forums/blogs).